Do you prefer sweet or sour when it comes to your food? Are your taste buds the same for your preference in juice? I don't know if you noticed, but October is all about flavors. Last Friday was Sweetest Day, yesterday was Food Day and today is Sour Day. We're celebrating with a photo contest. The top 5 pics win a $75 gift certificate to buy a sweet or sour e-juice to match their favorite food. Here's how it works:   Step 1: Take a pic of your favorite sweet or sour food. (Stealing a pic from the Internet is not cool and will be disqualified.) Step 2: Go to our Facebook page  and click on the "Contest" tab Step 3: If you haven't already Liked our Facebook page you will be prompted to.   Step 4: Enter your email address, upload the photo you took, give it a caption and click "Enter".   Step 5: A pop up will appear. Click "Okay".   Step 6: Another pop up will appear. Click"Share".   Step 7: Vote for your photo!

  Share this contest with your friends so they vote for your pic. You can enter one photo each day of the contest. Have fun and good luck!