It's no news that quitting smoking is always in the top 10 list of new year's resolutions. Quitting smoking is great, but what if instead of quitting, you smoke differently? Electronic cigarettes allow you to do just that. Rather than stopping that hand-to-mouth simulation that you have made a habit of, e-cigs offer a better alternative. Electronic cigarettes are made of two pieces - a battery and a cartomizer. These two pieces screw together. The device is activated by inhalation. Just like a regular cigarette, when you take a puff of an e-cigarette, you'll hear a crackling sound, feel a hit in the back of your throat, get a rush of nicotine, and then exhale. The comparison So if e-cigarettes are so similar to regular cigarettes, what's the big deal? What do real cigarettes have that electronic cigarettes don't? The real ones, also referred to as "analogs" contain about 600 ingredients. When they are burned, 4,000 chemicals are created including ammonia, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead, and tar. Analogs also smoke, smell, and create ash. Cigarettes are also banned in many places including bars, restaurants, clubs, movie theaters, schools, and shopping malls. Won't I miss my old cigarettes? What will you miss if you make the switch to e-cigs? Will you miss the odor? The smoke getting in your eyes? Standing outside in freezing cold weather? How about getting dirty looks from strangers when you light up? I highly doubt that anyone who decides to trade in their old pack for the improved "smoking" version misses any of that. What you will gain There are a ton of positives that come from using electronic cigarettes instead of analogs. There are the obvious plusses - being able to "smoke" indoors, smelling better than an ashtray, and having more time to be productive at work. Here are some other benefits that you may not have thought of. Saving money. Most electronic cigarette users save 50-70% by making the switch. Think of all the money you'll gain and what you could use it for. No more burn holes. If you smoke in your car, chances are high that it has more than a couple of butt burns on the seats, floor, and ceiling. Imagine not having to worry about accidentally dropping 'cherries'. Then there are the environmental positives. Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world. Since the electronic version is rechargeable, their use greatly decreases the amount of butts polluting our fields, playgrounds, waters, and beaches. So how about it, will 2013 be the year you switch to electronic cigarettes? Is it one of your new year's resolutions?