Switching from Disposable Vapes to the Vapor Titan Clearomizer

The incredible popularity, flavor and satisfaction delivered by disposable vapes has made them a go-to option for adult vapers who were left high and dry when the federal government banned all prefilled vape pod flavors except tobacco.


Vapor4Life carries a huge range of disposable vapes because they are available in the flavors that adults prefer. Even if your favorite brand and flavor combination is out of stock, you can find multiple alternatives that will provide comparable performance and flavor profile.

disposable vapes


Nic salt vaping has never been easier than with a disposable. But a refillable ecig and a bottle of nic salt ejuice is a far more economical option.


For an overview on nic salts, check out our feature: Intro to Nic Salts.


Refillable Vape Pods



Most adult vapers are just looking for a satisfying and easy way to vape and disposables fit the bill. There are no tanks to fill, bottles to carry or batteries to charge. But refillable devices actually don’t take that much work.


Refillable vape pod kits and devices like the Vapor Titan Clearomizer kit are optimized for mouth to lung vaping and higher nicotine formulas. And if you are willing to take a few extra seconds to fill you device once a day and remember to keep it charged, you can save hundreds of dollars a month. Not bad for a few seconds of “work”. Replacement clearomizers are sold separately for $5.99. Much like a vape pod, there is no mess coil swap.



Check out our video on how to fill a Vapor Titan Clearomizer to see how easy it is to take advantage of the Vapor Titan’s superior flavor. It is a perfect platform for nic salts. 




Nic Salts



Apart from the cost savings, there is another advantage to using a refillable: choice of ejuice flavors, types and nic strength. Most bottled nic salts come in two strengths. Either 2.5 and 3.5 or a 5 percent strength. There are some fractional differences in nic strengths but this is pretty standard for nic salts.


But refillable vape pod kits, the Vapor Titan and the larger Vapor Zeus also work great with high PG ejuices, such as the Wow and Premium lines. High PG ejuices deliver a more authentic throat kick that former heavy smokers enjoy and come in seven nic strengths. The top strength is 3.6 percent and they range all the way down to zero. The only disposable that comes close to matching this flexibility is the Zaero Disposable Vape. It comes in 4 nic strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent. These are all nic salt formulas.


Vapor Titan Clearomizer



The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is uniquely situated as a great disposable vape alternative because it works great with nic salts, has the slender form factor of a cigarette and is easy to use. Clearomizer technology may not be cutting edge any more but it simply works. It is reliable and focuses like a laser beam on flavor quality. This was a feature long before nic salts the market and mattered just as much for higher nicotine high-PG ejuices. It matters even more in the nic salt age, where adult vapers and smokers are only taking occasional drags and place a premium on tight draws and sparkling flavors.


It is well-worth taking the plunge and at least attempting to make the switch from disposable vapes to the Vapor Titan Clearomizer. A 30ml ejuice bottle will set you back less than $20 and is the equivalent of over a dozen and as many as FORTY disposable vapes. The Vapor Titan is an affordable device that will not cost you much more than a two or three disposables.


The Vapor Titan comes as a convenient autodraw or with a trigger button. Either way, it is a streamlined and nearly perfect mouth to lung vaping machine.


Saving Money with a Vapor Titan Clearomizer


The Clearomizer itself lasts for approximately half a bottle of nic salts, or 15ml. At 5.99, it is cheap to replace. You could literally pitch you Vapor Titan Clearomizer in the trash after completing each bottle of ejuice and still end up ahead financially.


The cost per milliliter when using a disposable will vary by brand. Disposables hold anywhere from 0.7 to 2.6ml and range in cost from $5.99 for a Blazer Bar to $11.99 for some exclusive Puff Bar flavors. But any way you cut it, a refillable device is way cheaper.


Most adult vapers may be looking for the easiest way to enjoy a satisfying vape with good flavor. But if you can enjoy the same or better level of flavor and all that is required is squeezing a bottle and you can save at least $100 a month, it is well worth investigating the cheaper option.


If you are looking for a more powerful and longer lasting device, check out the Vapor Zeus. It was recently featured as a great alternative to the Posh Plus but in general makes an ideal replacement for any disposable on the market.