This is a guest post written by Joyce B., an emergency management professional who has been enjoying Vapor4Life products for just over a year. I was always a closet smoker. I never smoked in front of my parents, my children, or most of my family. Some think that's silly and I have to admit, I do too. Since I've been vaping, I've been more acutely aware of how much cigarette smoke leaves behind, long after the smoker is finished. However, I was always one to carefully air out, and I have had nonsmoking friends tell me that they have never smelled cigarette smoke on me. Nonetheless, I'm sure the telltale remnants were there. It was just not a topic I wanted up for debate, hence, the concealment. Vaping, too, is something that I keep closeted from my family, as it would be uncomfortable at this point to just pull out an e-cig and start vaping away. Without addressing the entire topic of smoking, which again is not something I really want to discuss at this stage in my life, my newfound thrill of the vape is mine alone. Closet vs. Stealth I'm not talking about stealth vaping, an issue that almost all vapers wrangle with at some point in their vaping life. There are some similarities, but closet vaping is an effort to keep your vaping habit completely secreted from those around you. It requires keeping your equipment completely hidden from view, sometimes even in your own home. Chargers are the biggest issue in that regard, but its easy to throw everything into a backpack when friends and family visit.
Aside from the equipment issue, closet vaping is easier  than closet smoking. Vapor dissipates far quicker than smoke, and the faint lingering aroma is not discernible  as something that someone has been "smoking". I had a boss once ask me if I had burned  a candle when I  was vaping  WOW Vanilla. If one is careful about choices of flavor, the pleasant odors are mistaken for air fresheners, incense, or perfume. Vapor doesn't cling to the vaper either. Location, Location, Location When I have company over, I usually excuse myself to my bedroom and vape away. When I am out with my family, or in their home, I make liberal use of the restroom for my vaping lounge. With a vent going, there is only a slight yet pleasing aroma that lingers. I enjoy spending more time vaping than I did when I was smoking. That's it for now from some hotel room, in some city in the great USA. Joyce loves feedback!   Contact her at [email protected] or leave her a message at