This is a guest post written by Clover, a college student and vapaholic from the Midwest. Let's Talk About The Weather Hey, everyone. How's the weather where you live? We actually got to experience fall this year. We're usually up to our knees in snow by now. I hate daylight savings time and the shorter days. I can't wait for the Winter Solstice and our planet's tilt back towards the sun! I know we have some friends down in Oz land and I'm jealous that it's summer there. The best things about this time of year are the holidays, being with family and friends, and the great deals V4L has for the season. With all the new batteries and flavors, there are gifts for everyone! My Arsenal Over the last 14 months I have acquired a delectable palette of juices and a lot of batteries. Between my boyfriend and I, we have over 30 batteries. Many are on the sofa table where I watch TV with my laptop. There are cartomizers scattered everywhere. The plastic cartomizer condoms have become cat toys and I find them everywhere. I have batteries, cartos and juice on the nightstand next to my bed. I have three drawers filled with old USB passthroughs, broken batteries, old juice and various other vaping supplies. All my precious USA juices, chargers and my favorite batts are in a pretty box on top of my dresser. I'm pretty sure I have stuff lying around in the basement too. I call it organized chaos. I should probably clean all my used cartos to get more life out of them, but I get lazy. Many of my forum friends post pictures of their organization and I always say I should get organized too. But, when I get some sort of system going, life happens, I get busy and pretty soon, my vaping stuff ends up all over again. A Few of My Favorite Things V4L just released their new Diamond Series Manual Batteries and I managed to get my hands on one of each. They are longer than the other batteries and the jewel tip is a different style than the autos. The button is clear/gray and seems to have a faster response to the older manuals. I really like these because they pack a punch. As soon as I press the button I hear the lovely sounds of crackling. I need that power; the only thing better than these would be a Mod and I have high hopes for those in the future. I fill up a fresh WOW or Cool carto with some USA juice and pop it on one of these bad boys and I'm good to go! I'm astounded with V4L and their quality products. The USA line is amazing. I love fruity vapes but also appreciate a good tobacco blend. These flavors are so complex and delicious! I have tried them all, and my favorites are Bandit Berry, Outlaw Apple, Blackjack Berry, V4L No.7, and Beach Bum. It's just about finding that vaping nirvana. Since V4L just released the USA juice in 7 ml bottles, everyone can afford to try these! Vape on, my lovelies.