Have you read this article from Gizmodo about electronic cigarettes? (https://gizmodo.com/5936968/the-best-e+cigarette) It received a lot of comments from people on all ends of the spectrum. Some people disagreed with the author's choice of brands to review, some people showed concern that ecigs aren't any better than analogs, and others were upset that they didn't mention of mods. I could be wrong, but I think the reason this highly read blog did not mention mods is that 1) ecigs are still a new product and many people don't know what "stick" batteries are, let alone giant mods; and 2) it was written for people who have a limited knowledge of ecigs. I don't know of any vaper that decided to get started in the vaping world by going all out and buying a giant mod, tank, and a bottle of juice. There is a reason that stick batts are still around. People new to vaping tend to begin with a smaller ecig model. Oftentimes they use that model and it works for them. Then there are others who do all kinds of research, want to know all about the bigger batteries and mods, and some who even make their own e-liquid.  Some of the comments from this article were written by our customers. Here are a few. "krunchy_kitty" wrote: "Well, as long as we're collecting anecdotal evidence -- I don't know where you're hanging out, or I guess I do ("Vapor4Life is the ecig brand you hear about from retired Hells Angels in seedy pool halls"), but in New Orléans and Austin it's the brand of choice among art, music, and theatre hipsters... My doctor approves; she says there's nothing with nicotine per se, it's all the other crap in cigarettes that's the problem...  V4L is the only brand I've tried, but I've found it to be convenient, satisfying, and about 1/5 the cost of analogs. And their customer service rocks..." "The_Ov3rminD" wrote: "Man are you serious??? NJOY??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! njoy over V4L???!!!!!! dude seriously I have been using V4L for about 2 years now after having tried upwards of 20 different suppliers and as many different types of ecigs. I can tell you without a doubt that V4L is better in every conceivable way, aside from not being "squishy" (lol?). I get their eliquid and refill my own cartomizers so the price is actually down to 14 bucks for 2 weeks (one 30ML bottle lasts me 2 weeks) so the six month cost for me is ~168 or less... I am so glad that ecigs came along, but I came so close to saying that ecigs suck based on a bad encounter I had with my first brand. ecigs have changed my life and made me feel, smell, and look so much happier..." "McLarry" wrote: "I've had the V4L's for a year or so and hardly use them anymore. I was never a large volume smoker, bought it more for the ability to smoke inside and possibly diminished health risks. It turned out the most effective thing about them as far as smoking cessation was that it actually tastes good...after 'smoking' flavors like vanilla or mint or whatever others of the myriad flavor juices available, actual cigarettes tasted like absolute crap. Used to crave a smoke at the smell of a cigarette, now I find it absolutely repulsive." We're interested to know your opinions about this article. Tell us what you think in the comment section below!