TFV4 Tank Coil   Hello all,  Mod Guy Mike here. I’m the lounge manager and resident mod expert at Vapor4Life. This time I am going to go over the coils for the SMOKtech TFV4 tank. I’m trying out the tank —and all five coils— with the SMOKtech R-Steam Mini Vape Mod. I’ll cover all five TFV4 coils we have available, let you know the wattage they are recommended for, and give you my personal input. Hope you find this helpful!   In the box: When you receive your SMOKtech TFV4 tank you get a few extras in the box. Pre-installed in the tank is a .4 Clapton coil, in the box you get the TF-S6 coil (also a .4Ω), a TF-RCA (for building if you know how to), a replacement glass for your tank in case you drop it, and then some ‘spare parts’ (seals and o-rings and such). We sell the other coils I listed individually!   TF-T2: 1.5ohm   Right off the bat this coil is different. I have never hit a 1.5Ω with more airflow in my life. SMOK says this coil can be used between 20W and 40W and they are spot on. If you like more of a tight draw, the lower wattage is for you. My airflow is wide open, I'm at 40W, and boy, this is perfect. Great flavor, good vapor, and just the right temp for me. It conserves the battery a little more than most coils due to the lower wattage and that’s my favorite part!     Triple Coil: .2   This coil is pretty good. A lot like the S6, coil it has a wide range of use between 30W-130W. I like it in the middle around 80W-100W. Great hit, good vapor, good flavor. It's warm enough for me to enjoy it. This is probably my go-to coil and I’d recommend it for anyone in the vape world. New vapers and old will get a kick out of this. Downside: I run through batteries pretty quickly with the high wattage.   Quad: .15   This coil has a wide range of use. SMOK says that it can be used between 40W and 140W. I say different. The reason why I say differently is because 40W is just too low to hit a .15Ω coil. At 40W you are not getting anywhere near enough power to give you a good hit. To get a good hit and a good amount of vapor I would personally recommend anywhere from 80W-130W. Some devices have safety features that won’t allow you to push 140W with this coil because the chip’s protection features kick in a certain wattages. I personally hit this coil at 100W. To me 100W is perfect for flavor and vapor. The one downside is that batteries are usually dead by the end of the day, so I might carry a spare set of batteries with me.     TF-S6 Coil: .4   Like the Quad coil, the S6 coil has a wide range of use as well. SMOK says that it can be used between 30W and 100W. I say different (go figure). I would say that 50W-100W is more accurate for this coil. Why not 30W? To me it’s too low wattage for this coil. At 50W this gives a good hit with a good amount of vapor. I like hitting this coil at 90W personally. It gives me the vapor I want with a nice warm hit. I have pushed 100W, but that’s not great for flavor, which is why I bumped down to 90W. The downside to the high wattage is that the batteries drain by the end of the day, so I might carry a spare set of batteries with me just to be on the safe side.     TF-N2 Temp Coil: .12 This is the Nickel coil. I love temp control because it makes everything better (in my opinion). 70W and 550℉ is my sweet spot. SMOK says the temp range is 420℉-600℉ and for once I AGREE! You really need to play with this one, though. Everyone has a different style of vaping. I like mine HOT because to me, it feels better. Pick your poison and play around with this. The only issue is that even at just 65W, the temp control mode tends to drain the batteries faster. This is still better than straight wattage modes because even with TC mode on i can still get a full day of use without having to carry an extra set of batteries.