The Best Cali Bar Alternatives

Disposable Ecigs

The Cali Bar is a stick style disposable and is basically identical to the better known Puff Bar. Disposable vapes are extremely popular because they are easy to use, have great flavor and provide satisfying performance. The Cali Bar holds 1.3ml of eliquid. While lower nicotine versions have been offered at times, the bestselling Cali Bar line has a nic strength of 50mg/ml.

The use of smooth nic salts is a big selling point for the Cali Bar but their flavor selection is what has attracted a large following of loyal fans.

Unfortunately, due to onerous regulatory challenges Cali Bar is no more. But not all is lost. The most popular disposable vape flavors are sold by most brands and you can find several good matches from rival companies. Here are few of the best Cali Bar alternatives.


Hyppe Max

There is a lot of overlap and similarities between the Hyppe Max flavors and Cali Bars fruit infused offerings. But the Hyppe Max is a more modern disposable with a far greater eliquid capacity. It is one of the longest lasting disposable vapes and holds 5ml of eliquid with a nic strength of 50mg/ml. The Hyppe Max Flow is even larger, holding 6.5ml, and also has adjustable airflow. These are two of the best Cali Bar alternatives. Especially if you want to stick with nearly identical flavor profiles.


Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

There is no reason not to upgrade when looking for the best Cali Bar alternative. The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is one of the longest lasting disposable vapes and also one of the best. It holds 6.5ml of eliquid, which is 5 times more than a Cali Bar. Where Cali Bar discontinued their lower nicotine strength options, the Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max still comes in 3 and 5 percent nic strength. And the flavors are awarding winning Dinner Lady Salts and the menthol-fruit nic salts that adult vapers prefer. Lemon Tart, Strawberry Mac and a host the popular flavors make for one of the best lineups in vaping.  



If you are looking for the biggest disposable, look no further. The Sea XXL holds 8ml of eliquid and is available in many flavors that are likely to be enjoyed by fans of Cali Bar. While not overly large, this high capacity disposable boasts greater vapor production, power output and flavor than the smaller and lower technology Cali Bar. But it retains the tight MTL draw that disposable ecig vapers demand. The nic strength is 5 percent.


Puff Bar Plus

Puff Bar and Cali Bar are forever linked in the minds of disposable vape users because their initial devices were basically identical. With this in mind, it only makes sense that fans of the Cali Bar will also like the greatly improved Puff Bar Plus. It is a cylindrical disposable ecig and huge upgrade on the smaller stick style models. There is a lot of overlap when it comes to disposable ecig flavors and the Puff Bar Plus has all of nic salt vaping’s greatest hits available in its lineup.


Posh Plus

The Posh Plus was the first disposable ecig that really challenged stick disposable ecigs like the Cali Bar and Puff Bar in terms of puff count and capacity. The Posh Plus also had greater vapor production and strong lineup of menthol infused fruit nic salts. All of this in a shorter design that is cylindrical and just as easy to use. This design is still a winner and has served as a springboard for the ever larger disposable vapes hitting the market today.  


Air Bar Lux

One of the most popular disposable ecigs in Texas is the Air Bar Lux. But it is perfectly suited to popular with fans of the Cali Bar as well.  The Air Bar Lux holds 2.7ml of eliquid and has a 500mAh battery. Nic strength is 5 percent. It is a perfect Cali Bar alternative. Some of the fruit combinations are unique, its not just mango and lush ice flavors, but they are the exact flavor profiles adult vapers prefer.