The Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives

Not only is Juul Cucumber gone, but all prefilled vape pods other than tobacco and menthol have been banned by the federal government.



If you are looking for the flavors adults prefer in a nic salt, and live in a state without additional restrictions, disposable vapes or a refillable vape pod kit are your best bet.


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Best Juul Alternatives


Juul does not offer a huge number of flavors, and Juul Cool Cucumber is one of their most prominent and popular. Today we are going to look at the best Juul Cucumber alternatives. But before attending to that piece of business, it is time to briefly touch on current status of the vape pod market and the huge number of competing vape pod kits. This is important information for anyone who uses a vape pod. Whether you prefer prefilled vape pods or refillable vape pod kits, we think you will find this prelude to our feature on the best Juul Cucumber alternatives both germane and informative.


There are a lot of links to detailed reviews and product pages in here. So feel free to click for more information, or skip ahead to our list of Juul Cucumber alternatives.


To understand the appeal of vape pods, it is important to recognize the role that the Juul kit and nic salt vape juice have played in changing the vaping industry. Our deep dive, The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed, takes a look at the technology. For additional information on Nic Salts, check out our comprehensive guide: What is Salt Nic?


Vape Pod Kits   


Prefilled Juul Pods are one of the most expensive ways to vape. At list price with no tax, it will run you nearly $250.00 to vape through 30ml of vape juice. A 30ml bottle for a refillable pod system will set you back $20 at the most. In other words, you could use fresh coil or pod per fill up, or even pitch your refillable vape pod kit after every bottle 30ml bottle and still end up ahead financially.


Here is a breakdown of how much it costs to vape 30ml of nic salt from each of the devices listed:



There are countless refillable vape pods on the market. Suorin recently launched an enhanced version of their smash hit the Suorin Air. The slightly larger Suorin Air Plus has over twice the battery life but retains the convenient credit card form factor, click here for the full review of the Suorin Air Plus versus the Suorin Air.


Previously, we have reviewed some of the best in our feature on Top Ten Juul Alternatives. The refillable vape pod market was redefined when Smok added a subohm option to the Smok Nord family, and creating several devices that are compatible with the Smok Nord coil set. During our review of the Smok Nord, it was impossible to miss the tremendous flavor that it generated. For this reason, the Nord was viewed as upgrade in our comparison test that matched up the Smok Nord versus Smok Novo. The Smok Novo line is not dead either, with rumblings of a Novo 2 being prepared for launch.


Since the launch of the original Nord, other new comers have arrived on the scene. The excellent Aspire AVP and the Smok Trinity Alpha, which uses Nord Coils, being two of the more prominent entries. The Smok Trinity Alpha is the first of what will probably be a series of Lost Vape Orion DNA Go style devices. The Orion DNA Go was an industry game changer, so it was natural that we pitted the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go versus the Smok Trinity Alpha.


The Voopoo Drag Baby Trio is a mini-mod that has the convenient size and performance to test cases with the best the pod world has to offer. The Baby Trio has the flavor and flexibility to compete with the best vape pods on the market.


If you want the convenience of a prefilled pod, Juul is not the only game in town. Juul versus the Vuse Alto is natural matchup, both on paper and at the convenient store counter.


This is just a brief rundown of the devices out there. Now it is time to take a look at the best Juul Cucumber alternatives. Even if you are a firm believer that the original is still best, there is no denying that there are some worthy competitors to the throne.


Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives


f Pods Cucumber (Juul Compatible)




Fans of Juul Cucumber should definitely try Eon Pods Cucumber. It is the most natural and obvious Juul Cucumber alternative on the market.


Eon Pods have a few notable features that make them a great value. Each pod is 1ml, rather than 0.7ml, and this nearly 50 percent increase in nic salt volume makes a big difference. It is like getting almost 2 extra pods per 4 pack, 40 versus 28ml. They also have a stouter nic punch, 6 percent versus 5 percent. The financial calculus of prefilled versus refillable vape pods swings closer to equilibrium when you factor in the 20 percent greater nic strength, 43 percent more juice per pod, and lower price tag.


None of this matters if Eon Pods doesn’t deliver the cool and refreshing cucumber flavor that the Juul Cucumber faithful are looking for. Cucumber fans will not be disappointed. It has a slightly sweet and very realistic cucumber inhale. The throat kit is slightly stiffer. Balancing the sweetness of cucumber is the herbaceous, almost grassy herbal cucumber, exhale that makes Cool Cucumber such a compelling vape juice flavor.  Fans of Cool Cucumber should definitely try Eon Pods take on this classic flavor.


Salty Fog Cucumber Mint Nic Salt Juice by Salty Fog



Eon Pods provide savings, but still cannot match the pure value and flexibility of a refillable vape pod. If you are interested in a refillable vape pod kit, but worried about finding a Juul Cucumber alternative, look no further. There are some amazing options available. Salty Fog Cucumber Mint is one of the best. Sold in a 30ml bottle, Salty Fog Cucumber Mint is available in three nicotine strengths: 4.8, 3.6 and 2.4 percent.  


Originally known as Cool Cucumber, Juul Cucumber was viewed as being a complement to the wildly popular Juul Mint. Salty Fog delivers both flavor elements, and the result is a fusion of divine. This is light, sweet, airy vape juice with an authentic cucumber kick. Notes of the grassy, indescribable, cucumber flavor and mouthfeel perfectly complement the coolness of the mint. But the pepperminty flavor never overwhelms the cucumbers distinct sweetness, it is more of a soothing element that provides a bit of complexity and depth, without detracting for the realness of the cucumber flavor.


Cucumber Puff Bar



In terms of value and performance, disposable vapes have emerged as viable competition for prefilled vape pods. And they are matching them in flavor as well.


Puff Bar Cucumber demonstrates exactly why cucumber flavor makes such a unique alternative to menthol vape juice. Cucumber has the coolness that menthol vapers love, but does not have the dominant mint kick. Puff Bar Cucumber is one of the best I’ve tried. It flutters across your palate with subtle cucumber notes that are perceptibly sweet. There is a level of freshness that meshes quite well with the restrictive draw and muted nic salt throat hit.  


You don’t need to buy a kit to enjoy Puff Bar Cucumber. This practical disposable vape contains 1.3ml of Eliquid and a battery that has more than enough endurance to vaporize every last drop. With a nic strength of 5 percent, there is plenty in each disposable for the daily vaper to enjoy. Puff Bar Cucumber has the flavor and kick to compete with the best vapes on the market. It is soothing and refreshing, with a realistic cucumber sweetness and no minty bite on exhale.


Cucumber Eon Stik



There is a third and increasingly popular way to vape nic salts: disposable vapes. Eon Stik Cucumber unleashes the same outstanding and balanced cucumber vaping experience in a disposable ecig. Only available in 6.8 percent strength, each disposable contains 1.3ml of nic salt vape juice. This is equivalent to almost two Juul pods. The high nic strength is optimized for the discrete, and disposable device.


The Eon Stik is not meant for chasing clouds. It delivers flavor and an authentic throat hit, expertly cooled with a delicate and cooling cucumber flavor. Eon Stik Cucumber is great alternative to menthol vape juice, and also works as a milder mannered fruit vape as well. There is no mistaking it for any other flavor. If you think salad ingredients don't make a great ejuice flavor, you are mistaken.


Blue E Juice By By Beard Vape Colors


Fans of lower nicotine ejuices, and better cloud production can also immerse themselves in the total cucumber vaping experience. Blue E Juice. This 80 percent VG of cucumber and melon infuses every cloud with a palate pleasing mixture of tropical flavors and pure cucumber goodness. Available in three nicotine strengths, 0, 3, and 6mg, cucumber provides a rich foundation that decorated with the unmistakable flavor of honey dew melon. The exhale flavor is particularly enjoyable, and redefines smoothness.


Posh Cool Melon



Posh Cool Melon is blend of cucumber and classic melon flavors. Cool refers to cucumber. The synergy of melon and cucumber in vape juice is well-established. Posh Vapes delivers way more depth than you have any right to expect from a disposable vape. Each Posh contains 1.5ml of vape juice, which is a high quality 6 percent strength nic salt, and plenty of battery life to last you through the day. With an emphasis on flavor and throat hit, there is no easier or more convenient way to enjoy the smooth and refreshing flavor of this cucumber-melon hybrid.


Cucumber Vape Juice


Cucumber would seem to be an unusual choice of vape juice flavor. Although technically a fruit, it is most often served as a vegetable. And frankly, there aren’t a whole lot of vegetables floating around a vape juice world saturated with cereal, candy, tropical fruits, beverages, menthols and tobaccos.


There is a reason why cucumber is such a popular flavor, and vapers do not flock to bitter root vegetables and pickled brines. Sweet flavors just taste good, and translate perfectly to vaping. Perhaps an intrepid company will make spicy and umami flavor bombs that redefine vaping. Until then, sweet is what works and cucumber stands alone with its incomparable green and rejuvenating taste.


Cucumber is marked by an impressive coolness and mildness. It is an extremely refreshing and subtle flavor. Not overly saccharine, it still has the sweetness that the majority of adult vapers prefer. It is also distinct enough, and balanced enough to be enjoyed all day. As politicians and regulators attack retro ejuices that are marketed to adults, Cucumber has largely escaped criticism. The concept behind cucumber vape juice is no frills, but the complexity and strength make it one of the most versatile and outstanding flavors on the market today.