The Best Mr Salt-E Nic Salts

The Best Nic Salts: Mr Salt-E

Ever since the FDA banned flavored vape pods, nic salt fans have had to turn to refillable devices if they wanted access to style of sweet and bright eliquid flavors that the vast majority of adult vapers prefer.

Mr Salt E is one of the top nic salt manufacturers on the market today. We compared their stacked lineup to the offerings of I Love Salts earlier this year in our deep-dive: Mr Salt-E versus I Love Salts.

Today we are going to take a closer look at Mr Salt-E’s eight most popular flavors. This is the first in a series that reviews the best nic salts on the market today. The reason nic salts are so popular is they allow for a satisfying vaping experience from a smaller e-cigarette and with less vapor generated. Nic salts are not to be vaped out of a subohm or high wattage device. They are designed for lower power, mouth to lung ecigs due to their increased nicotine strength.

Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of nic salts because we know that most adult vapers are looking for a flavor beyond tobacco and menthol.

If you are looking to make the switch from a disposable vape or a prefilled vape pod kit, all you need to enjoy Mr Salt-E is a refillable vape pod kit or a Vapor Titan Clearomizer. Filling this style of device is incredibly easy and they are also compact and simple to use.

The initial outlay for a refillable vape pod is pretty minimal compared to the amount of money you will save both near and long term. Consider this for a moment. Bottled nic salt ejuices are sold in 30ml bottles. A disposable vape like the Puff Bar holds 1.3ml of ejuice. Even the largest and longest lasting disposable vapes only hold 5 or 6ml. A Juul pod holds 0.7ml. It does not even take one nic salt bottle for the switch to a refillable device to pay for itself.

Mr Salt-E Nic Salt Flavors

Mr Salt-E Nic Salts are sold in 30ml. They use a 60% VG blend (60/40), which means they have great sweet flavor notes and excellent vapor production. Mr Salt E ejuices come in 2.5 and 4.5 percent nic strength. As described in their name, they make full use of nic salts. Despite the lofty nic strength, the throat hit is silky smooth to non-existent. Vapor4Life has no interest in selling this product to anyone but a current adult vaper or an adult smoker looking to jump to vaping.

But it is worth noting that not only are nic salts stronger that regular ejuices, due to the fact more can be added due to their lower pH level, but some studies suggest they cross the blood brain barrier faster as well. The veracity of these Juul conducted nicotine salt studies aside, there is little doubt that Mr Salt E is a staple of the nic salt market and provides some great products and flavors that adult vapers enjoy.

Blue Raspberry Mr Salt-E Nic Salt

Once known as Cotton Candy, Blueberry Raspberry Mr Salt-E Nic Salt is a classic sweet ejuice flavor. Adult vapers have shown a strong sweet tooth from the start and it turns out nic salt vapers are no different. The previous flavor is unchanged. It was always a Blu Razz flavored cotton candy but now the name has been changed, probably due to the spike in popularity enjoyed by other Blu Razz nic salts. And we all know the Blu Razz flavor. Check out our feature on the Best Blue Razz Nic Salts for a rundown of the competition.  

Blue Razz Lemonade Mr Salt-E Nic Salt

Blue Razz is an extremely popular nic salt flavor but it is unrelentingly sweet. In disposable vapes, as well as rival I Love Salts Blue Razz Ice, mint or menthol is used to balance things a bit. Blue Razz Lemonade Mr Salt E goes a slightly different route, converting a Blue Razz base into a delicious beverage vape. The lemonade flavor is refreshing and adds some great tart notes. There is a bit of iciness in the lemonade, for those who like a cool exhale. It is faint but makes for a compelling all day vape.

Menthol Ice Mr Salt-E Nic Salt

The classic menthol flavor, with an extra dash of cool mint, makes Menthol Ice Mr Salt-E one of their best-selling nic salt flavors.  For more choices in the all-popular mint and menthol nic salt genre, check out: the best mint nic salt eliquids feature.

Mint Mr Salt-E Nic Salt

What is the difference between menthol, menthol ice and mint in nic salts? It is a subtle one because the terms are used differently by the many nic salt manufacturers and in some cases interchangeably. But there is certainly a difference and Mint Mr Salt-E demonstrates the wide range of flavor profiles that are possible from what would seem to be a basic mint flavor base. Mint Mr Salt-E is a bit more of a spearminty flavor and has a softer edge than Menthol Ice Mr Salt-E. While still cool, an unmistakable mint flavor and pinch of sweetness set it apart from its stablemate.  

Orange Mango Guava Mr Salt-E Nic Salt

Orange Mango Guava, also known as OMG, is a top flight tropical fruit flavor that nic salt vapers have embraced. The citrus bite of the orange, which is sweet and juicy, is blended with the dank tropical richness of mango. A sweet bite of guava balances out the flavor and holds the formula together to create a nic salt that can be enjoyed all day. Orange Mango Guava Mr Salt-E is a tremendous tropical fruit nic salt.

Strawberry Watermelon Mr Salt-E Nic Salt

The flavor Strawmelon Taffy has undergone a name but not a formula change. Now known as Strawberry Watermelon Mr Salt-E Nic Salt, the same beautiful strawberry and mild, sweet watermelon flavors are there. The tart edge of the strawberry and the authentic inhale make this one of the best fruit nic salts.


In many states and cities, adult vapers and smokers are being denied the flavored eliquids that the vast majority prefer. The only solace that can be taken is that tobacco ejuices have come a long way and there are some excellent tobacco nic salts on the market. We review the nic salt options of a flavor ban world in our feature: The Best Tobacco Nic Salts. With a 60/40 VG/PG ratio, the vapor production is satisfying for a nic salt. There isn’t a throat hit here, so some smokers may prefer a higher-VG ejuice with regular nicotine for their tobacco eliquid. But if you love smooth nic salts and an authentic tobacco flavor, you are hard pressed to find a better fit than Tobacco Mr Salt-E

Vanilla Custard Mr Salt E

A flavor that first drew attention as one of the Best Juul Creme alternatives, there is no doubt that Vanilla Custard Mr Salt-E has since emerged as a force in its own right. One of the few true dessert nic salts on the market, Vanilla Custard provides creaminess, sweetness and brilliant vanilla flavor that work together in perfect harmony. A pinch of caramel keeps the flavor from getting too heavy while the creaminess keeps an overly sweet experience at bay. Fans of dessert and custard vapes will adore this excellent nic salt.