The Best Naked 100 ELiquid Flavors

Southern California based Naked 100 Ejuice is one of the prominent names in nicotine vaping. Their master formulators have created a wide ranging of delicious flavors and they have something for every vaper. Manufactured in USA Vape Labs cutting edge facility, they are one of the most trusted names in eliquids.  

Not just ejuice purveyors, Naked 100 Ejuice has also worked hard to educate minors and reduce the levels of underage vaping that are threatening to destroy the adult cigarette alternative market.

Since 2016, this vaping powerhouse has focused on quality and their eliquid flavors can be divided into four categories. They have their original Naked 100 flavors, which are delightful fruit combinations. These amazing fruit flavors are the type of flavor profile that adult vapers prefer and their expertise with sweet and bright flavors is evident with their equally impressive line of menthol eliquid flavors.

While most adult vapers and ex-smokers prefer sweeter flavor profiles, there are many who still prefer tobacco. Naked 100 has an excellent lineup of tobacco eliquids as well. Now it is time to take a closer look at Naked 100’s All-Star Lineup. There have been a few name changes but the foundation of superlative flavor remains the same.

The Naked 100 ELiquids we are reviewing are not nic salts. If you are interested in salt nic vaping, you can check out our huge selection of nic salt eliquids here

Naked 100 Eliquids

Naked 100 Eliquids come in 0, 3, 6 and 12mg/ml strength. They use freebase nicotine and are 70 percent VG. Sold in 60ml bottles, they are ideal for AIO vape pod kits with a subohm coil, box mods and more traditional vaping devices. While ideal for direct to lung (DTL) vaping and cloud chasing, at the higher nicotine strengths they are versatile enough to be enjoyed at lower wattages. Every flavor they make has been formulated as an all-day vape.

Naked 100 Original ELiquids

The core of Naked 100’s eliquid collection is a group of tropical fruit vapes. These expertly executed flavors formed the building blocks of their Naked 100 Menthol flavors.

Lava Flow Naked 100 Eliquid

The word lava flow evokes images of magma, clouds of poisonous sulfur, silica shards, acid fumes, flames and destruction. Minatory walls of lava rolling inexorably down the face of a mountain as a cloud of stifling ash billows and suffocates the very face of the earth. Raging from the depths of the earth before bursting forth in fury, a pyroclastic flow consumes all in its path while raining fire and brimstone across a vast swathe of the landscape. All while an impenetrable nuees ardentes glows and blinks in incandescent rage.

It is unlikely that this is the image that Naked 100 had in mind when naming this fantastic eliquid lava flow. On the contrary, Lava Flow Naked 100 Eliquid is a bright and buoyant tropical flavor. Strawberry, coconut and pineapple are the primary flavors. The creaminess of coconut melds the sweet fruits together and makes for a great all day vape.

Hawaiian Pog Naked 100 Eliquid

Unlike Lava Flow, which was named after a destructive natural phenomena, it is clear what the flavors are in Hawaiian POG Naked 100 Eliquid. POG is an acronym for a pomegranate, orange and guava beverage which is commonly associated with Hawaii. This is a smooth combination which uses the tartness of the citrus to disperse some of the guava and pomegranate sweetness. The result is a refreshing and enjoyable eliquid.

Really Berry Naked 100 Eliquid

Previous named Very Berry, Really Berry is a crisp and enjoyable fruit vape which (not surprisingly) features a ton of berry flavors. Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and a faint hint of strawberry work in concord to create an elevated vaping experience. The tartness of the berry flavors is further augmented by a twist of lemon. You don’t have to be a fan of all things berry to enjoy this eliquid. But vapers who love berries have a worthy champion in Really Berry Naked 100 Eliquid.

Naked Menthol 100 Eliquids

The second branch of the Naked 100 Eliquid family tree are their menthol flavors. Like the original Naked 100 flavors, these are powerful fruit blends. It is the addition of a perfectly balanced blast of cooling menthol which sets them apart. This style of flavor is more commonly associated with nic salt eliquids and disposable vapes, but they also work great in these high-VG formulas. The menthol eliquids in some cases use a 65/35 VG/PG ratio which lends itself to a more MTL style of vaping, which is typical of mint flavors.

Berry Naked Menthol 100 Eliquid

Berry Naked 100 Eliquid  is a combination of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries drizzled with honey. The blast of ice sets it apart from Really Berry, which was previously known as Very Berry. This flavor was previously known as Very Cool Naked 100.

Crisp Menthol Naked Menthol 100 Eliquid

No confusing naming conventions here. Crisp menthol is a 70/30 VG/PG ratio eliquid. The cold minty freshness is as crisp as the name suggests. One of the top menthol flavors with freebase nicotine.

Melon Naked Menthol 100 Eliquid

The Eliquid formerly known as Frost Bite Naked 100 is now simply known as melon. But there is lot more to it than just melon flavors. There is cantaloupe, mint, pineapple and of course honeydew melon. A cold and crisp flavor, this is a great balanced all day vape. It is hard to believe that honeydew melon makes for such a good flavor, as it is a rather lame addition to a fruit salad but works great in Melon Naked 100.

Strawberry Pom Naked 100 Eliquid

You may remember this flavor as Brain Freeze but today it is known as Strawberry Pom Naked 100. Not surprisingly, the primary flavors are strawberry and pomegranate. But there is more to this flavor than those two already formidable flavors. Kiwi and a cool menthol flavor provide extra sweetness, depth and cooling.

Naked Tobacco 100 Eliquids

The vast majority of adult vapers prefer sweeter flavors in their vapes, which makes sense when you figure they are current or former cigarette smokers. But there is a dedicated and sizeable minority that prefers tobacco flavors, as well as punitive bans on flavored eliquids being enacted across the United States. Naked 100 Eliquids is well positioned for these stringent regulations with three excellent tobacco flavors.

American Patriots Naked Tobacco 100 Eliquid

A no-frills American tobacco flavor designed for the palette of cigarette smokers, A 65/45 VG/PG ration makes for solid cloud production but with enough grit for MTL vaping.

Cuban Blend Naked Tobacco 100 Eliquid

A top-grade, Cuban cigar tobacco, Cuban Blend Naked 100 is a richer tobacco flavor than American Patriots. A great take on the flavor of a Havana cigar, you don’t need to be a cigar afficinado to enjoy this 65/45 VG/PG eliquid.

Euro Gold Naked Tobacco 100 Eliquid

A tantalizing European tobacco inspired eliquid. Light yet authentic, it is silk cut smooth and flavorful. Euro Gold Naked 100 is a welcome addition that rounds out an already strong flavor lineup.