The Best One Hit Wonder Hi-Nic Salts

One Hit Wonder ELiquids

Los Angeles based One Hit Wonder hit the vaping scene in 2015. Their initial offering, Muffin Man Eliquid, was a smash hit that spawned a whole series of “Man” themed ejuices. These enduring flavors soon became classics in their own right. Island Man, The Man, Fire Man, Rocket Man and others.

One Hit Wonder Regular Nicotine Eliquids

Regular One Hit Wonder eliquids are 70 percent VG and optimized for subohm vaping. They are perfect for vapers looking for big cloud production and flavor. One Hit Wonder eliquids are manufactured in the US, right down to the nicotine, Tru Nic.

One Hit Wonder Hi-Nic Salts

One Hit Wonder Hi-Nic Salts
30ml bottle. 60/40 VG/PG. 2.5 and 5.0% Nic Strengths
Flavor Name Description
Muffin Man Apple Cinammon Muffn
Mini Muffin Man Mini Strawberry Muffin
Rocket Man Blueberry, Yogurt, Granola Smoothie
Island Man  Pineapple, Kiwi, Strawberry, Watermelon Punch
Army Man Key Lime Pie 
Fire Man  Pink Lemonade
Island Man Iced Menthol, Kiwi, Strawberry, Watermelon Punch 
Magic Man Watermelon, Citrus, Gummy Flavors
My Man Neopolitan Ice Cream
The Man Strawberry and Cream

Fans of One Hit Wonder have long anticipated their favorite eliquid company throwing their hat in the nic salt ring. Classic One Hit Wonder flavors have always seemed unusually well-suited for smooth and potent nicotine salts. Unlike many nic salts, One Hit Wonder Hi-Nic Salts use a 60/40 VG/PG blend. This results in slightly improved cloud production and slightly more sweetness.

Available in 2.5 and 5.0 percent nic strength, their cohesive and delightful flavors are ideal for fans of disposable vapes who are looking for a more economical alternative.

Disposable vapes are a great options for vapers looking for satisfaction and they come in a ton of flavors. But bottled nic salts and a refillable pod kit are far more cost-effective alternatives.

If you are looking for a specific disposable vape flavor, Vapor4Life carries a huge range of products to make sure adult vapers can always find the flavors they prefer. If you are curious about the One Hit Wonder Hi-Nic Salts, keep on reading. We are going to review them all.

Keep in mind that One Hit Wonder Hi-Nic salts are designed for lower wattage devices like refillable vape pod kits. They are not suitable for subohm vaping. Check out our selection of refillable vape pod kits for more information on your best options for enjoying One Hit Wonder Hi-Nic Salts.

If One Hit Wonder does not have the flavor you are looking for, Vapor4Life carries all of the best nic salt eliquids for this eventuality. Adult vapers who prefer nic salts are sure to find a perfect fit from our collection of industry leaders.\



Army Man Hi-Nic Salt E Liquid by One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder Army Man is one of the best high-VG eliquids on the market. It turns out that Army Man works just as good or even better as a hi-nic salt ejuice. Army Man is a Key Lime Pie eliquid. There is a dash of cream to flatten out the tart and crusty deliciousness. Ignore the rather martial name. Army Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid is a rather serene and balanced flavor.



Fire Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

If you love lemonade nic salt eliquids, Fire Man Hi-Nic Salt by One Hit Wonder should be near the top of your list. Everything you expect from a great lemonade vape is here. Tartness, sweetness, refreshing lemon notes and an exhale that tastes quite authentic.



Island Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Tropical pineapple and kiwi are paired with strawberry and watermelon to create a refreshing fruit punch flavor known as Island Man Hi-Nic Salt by One Hit Wonder.



Island Man Iced Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Island Man Iced Hi-Nic E-Liquid is a perfect nic salt flavor. A mango, pineapple and tropical fruit punch sounds like a delightful nic salt flavor. And it is. But take the classic Island Man and add a pinch of menthol and you have perfection. Exactly the style of flavor that adult vapers have been shown to prefer. Island Man Iced Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid is an all-day vape.


Magic Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Magic Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid has a flavor at least somewhat reminiscent of gummi sweets. But the fruit flavors are a bit more realistic. It is easy to pick out watermelon, citrus, and tangy fruit notes. A bright, bold and balanced. A magic man in deed as well as name.



Muffin Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Muffin Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid is a very authentic apple cinnamon muffin eliquid. The cinnamon is never overpowering and the juiciness of the apple gives this ejuice a nic refreshing exhale.  A breakfast and a fruit vape, the apple cinnamon combination is always a winner and works great as a smooth nic salt.



Mini Muffin Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

What makes Mini Muffin Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid “mini”? Certainly not the flavor, which is big and bold. A strawberry muffin flavored nic salt, the smooth finish compliments the complexity and balance. Perhaps it is only known as “mini-muffin” because the full sized muffin name has been claimed already by Muffin Man. In any event, this fruity breakfast vape is a hugely successful flavor.


Rocket Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Rocket Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder is a unique nic salt. It was inspired by a creamy blueberry smoothie. Crunchie granola notes, a baked flavor element One Hit Wonder had previously showcased in Muffin Man and Mini-Muffin Man, is melded with blueberry and yogurt. A fine showcase for One Hit Wonder’s master formulators, the end result is a balanced and extremely enjoyable nic salt.



My Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Neapolitan Ice Cream, which is vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, contains a smooth creamy base and three classic flavors. My Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid brings that timeless blend of Neapolitan Ice Cream to nic salt vaping. A dessert, fruit, chocolate and cream vape all in one. The parts are equally represented and the result is a fabulous nic salt.  


The Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Strawberry and cream. A perfect combination for nic salt vaping. You get the tart berry flavors that are so popular with adult vapers and a creamy cloud that cuts the sweetness to manageable levels. The cold creamy smoothness and tart fruit delights of the Man Hi-Nic Salt E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder are impossible to exaggerate. A fantastic eliquid, there are plenty of “men” in the One Hit Wonder lineup but only one is the man. And to be the man, you have got to beat the man.