The Best Twst Nic Salt Flavors

Best Twst Nic Salts

While Twist Eliquids got their start with high-VG fruit eliquids of a conventional variety, there is no doubt that their bold line of nic salt eliquids have taken center stage. The reason Vapor4Life carries so many nic salt brands is because of brands like Twst. Their nic salts provide flavor that equals or exceeds any disposable (prefilled vape pods are no longer available in the flavors adults prefer), but are sold in convenient 30ml bottles.

When paired with a refillable vape pod kit, bottled nic salts are a great price performer. Nic salts are not to be vaped out of a high power box mod or with a subohm coil. They are meant for low wattage devices. This means that less ejuice is burned while still providing a satisfying experience.

Nic salts eliquids provide a satisfying experience because they have a lower pH than regular nicotine and according to Juul cross the blood brain barrier more quickly. The salient issue is that the lower pH level means that more nicotine can be added to a given liquid. This means more can be added to an ejuice without the resulting flavor being too harsh to be tolerated. Check out our guide, Intro to Nic Salts, for more information.

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TWST Eliquids

Twist Eliquids was founded and based in Los Angeles, California. Their specialty is the bright and vibrant fruit flavors that the vast majority of adult vapers and adult ex-smokers prefer. There is not a tobacco flavor in the bunch.

Twist Eliquids subtracted the “I” from their name and added nic salts to create their delicious lineup of Twst Nic Salts. Fans of legendary Twist Eliquid classics like Lemon Twist Pink Punch and Melon Twist, will be happy to know that there are nic salt variations of their best flavors. As the mouth to lung vaping of nic salts is a different style of experience, Twst Salts have a 50/50 VG/PG ratio versus the 70/30 split for Twist Eliquids. There are a couple Twst Salt flavors not found in the conventional Twist Eliquid lineup, due to the incredibly popularity of menthol-fruit nic salts with adults and fans of disposable ecigs.

The biggest difference between Twst Salts and Twst Eliquids is of course the nicotine strength. Twst Salts are available in 3.5 and 5.0% nic strength and sold in 30ml. Twist Eliquids are available nic free and in 3 and 6mg/ml, which is 0.3 and 0.6 percent nic strength respectively. Enjoy Twist Eliquids in your favorite mod, but there is no need to be chain vaping the potent Twst Salts and nic salts are not suitable for subohm vaping.


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Now it is time to take a look at the Twst Salts flavor lineup. These flavors are vibrant, sweet, balanced and outstanding.


Twst Watermelon Madness has spiraled into the depths flavor lunacy and created an intensely realistic watermelon nic salt. Authentic, sweet and delicious, this is a pure watermelon flavor that draws on formula found in the conventional Twist Eliquids. This is a refreshing and delicious watermelon flavor that adult vapers will love. Sweet and fruity, this is an outrageously good nic salt.


Twst Iced Watermelon Madness uses the same naming conventional and watermelon base as Watermelon Madness Twst Salt. But most vape juice companies would call this a Lush Ice. The disposable version of this flavor finished at the front of the pack in our comparison of the Best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes.  A combination of fresh mint, cold menthol and bold watermelon, this is an all-day vape that oozes quality and flavor in every puff.


Twst Mango Cream Dream was found to be one of the best mango nic salts in our recent deep-dive. It has a dank tropical mango flavor and smooth, creamy dessert vape finish. Silken yet not too sweet, anyone looking for a Juul Mango alternative should give this flavor a shot. It is a bit more complex but still balanced and mild.


Twst Honeydew Melon Chew is a flavor that turns the world upside down. While there is nothing more lame in a fruit cup than a honey dew melon, this Honeydew inspired nic salt is nothing if not fantastic. Notes of cantaloupe and watermelon add depth and make this perhaps the strongest flavor in the Twst Salt collection. A cool and refreshing fruity salt nic juice that redefines all-day vape.

Trying to figure out which of the crazy quilt of smooth melon flavors is your favorite will give you something to chew on. Maybe you can figure out how in the fruit world, the honeydew melon can be so useless while in a nic salt it is sublime.


Twst Pink Punch is a knockout artist. The freebase Eliquid was widely loved, and the nic salt version leads with its chin. In boxing terms, Pink Punch Salt has a strong beard and delivers knock-out flavor. It is an authentic and cool pink lemonade with big dollop of mouthwatering sweetness.

Lemonade is one of the oldest beverages known to humankind and you will immediately recognize the signature flavors. The jab of lemony tart makes for an all-day vape but this ejuice’s real hook is a great punch finish.


Twst Iced Pink Punch takes advantage of the hottest trend in nic salt vaping: combining icy menthol with a fruit blend. The cold menthol is present on inhale and exhale. The great Pink Punch is still there but it is enhanced. If you are a fan of icy disposable vapes but want to switch to more affordable bottled nic salts, this is a great starting point.


Twst Iced Pucker Punch  Twist perfectly fused mouth puckering citrus, sweet pineapple, and a cornucopia of tropical fruit punch flavors. Then they added a cold blast of menthol. A tremendous minty-fruit superstar that nic salt fans will love.


Twst Berry Medley Lemonade combines Twst's outstanding lemonade nic salt, which is featured in several of their other best-selling eliquids, and a bold fruit medley. It is one of the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternative due to the strength of the berry mix but the beauty of this nic salt is how it also incorporates tart and sweet lemonade.