This is a guest post written by a fire spinner from the Midwest. This week I am heading to California for another flow arts festival called Fire Drums. As I packed and started to assemble my vape kit I began to wonder what the rules were for e-cigs on planes. A quick search on the TSA website showed nothing as far as restrictions go, so I did a search and found a few news articles. According to Transportation Security Authority (TSA) there is no official ban on e-cigs while in airports, and no bans from TSA on usage of an e-cig on an airplane, but airlines can restrict usage so check with your airline. This kind of made me weary of how to pack.
For my vape kit I put all of my e-liquids into a resealable plastic bag and made sure to line the top layer of my kit with business cards. I am carrying two batteries with regular cartomizers. I opted to leave the tanks at home because of security checkpoints. Right now I am sitting in the Denver airport on a three-hour layover hogging a charging station to get my batteries recharged along with phone and laptop. So far there has not been an issue with me vaping in the airport, not even a curious onlooker. I would like to believe this means the public is becoming more aware of e-cigs. I stealth vaped once or twice during my first plane ride. A flight attendant saw me and did not say anything. I won't go as far as to say this was okay, but temptation got the best of me. Please don't vape on a plane without checking with an attendant first. I have one more plane ride and plan to ask the attendants next time around. If they say no then I will leave them in my carry-on bag. Have you had any experiences with vaping while traveling? I would like to hear how you did when going in and out of airports. I am off to my next flight and an incredible weekend teaching fire-breathing classes. For more information about TSA, please visit or Connect with Ryan on his Whistles Photography Facebook Page and