This is guest post written by Via, an e-cig enthusiast living in Jacksonville, Florida. What is a "Sweet Spot" Anyway? A few weeks ago, I had to find the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding the next day. I had a beautiful dress which I pictured in my head as champagne-colored with a gray lace overlay. I happened to see a pair of champagne shoes on sale, and thinking they would match, bought them. Once I got home, I discovered that the shoes were actually more pink-ivory and my dress was...well, not that color. Off to Design Shoe Warehouse, dress in hand. Up and down the aisles I went..."Is this shoe the right color?" Nope...the heel too spiky on that pair...too jungle with that pair. Bow on my toes? Nope! Finally, I discovered not too high, not too short, not too small, not too large and just the right color - pewter! And still less money  than my shoe budget allowed! They were perfect I had found my shoe 'sweet spot'! Choices Every  Vaping adVenture includes the search for a 'sweet spot' and Vapor4Life has many choices.   But, how do we find our 'sweet spot'?   Perhaps, like going to the shoe store it takes a lot of trial and error. We begin with the battery. Short, Regular, Extra Long, Ashcap, Stealth, Diamond, Titan, eGo. Then we add something to deliver vapor. CoolCart, Wow cart, tank, or mega cart. And lastly, we pick a juice flavor with many choices there, too - USA, Premium, WOW or 100% VG. What Makes You Happy What makes you happy may not suit me at all.   What made you happy this morning, might not be what makes you happy this afternoon!  Last week, I was completely devoted to my eGo, mega cart and one of five juices: Vanilla Mocha Frappe, Java Junction, Beach Bum, Jammin, or Peach Cobbler.   Last night, for some reason, I went to something entirely different. Out came my sapphire-colored Titan XL manual battery with a pretty blue tank filled with VG Cafe Mocha. What I find odd is that I was devoted to 'stinkies' for 43 years and never changed brands!   If  I stopped at the local gas station and they were out of my brand, I would drive to another, and another and another gas station, until I found my brand. It would have never occurred to me to try something different from what I had been smoking before. Vaping changes you! My SWEET SPOT Today I have my three Titan XLs here on the end table, along with two 6ml tanks, one filled with Vanilla Mocha Frappe, the other with VG Cafe Mocha. My eGos retired to the eGo-2Go bag to await the next time I need them.   I have a pack of pre-filled CoolCarts, and a mix of carts from my stash. I began my Vaping adVenture on January 9, 2012 and it seems that my 'sweet spot' has changed several times.   Even juices that I didn't care for a month ago taste a bit different today than I remember. Perhaps that is why so many of us vapers have so many things in our vape box. Our taste changes as time passes, our tastes change day-to-day. Whether it is because our taste buds are changing, or our tastes are becoming more sophisticated, or perhaps it is just like our shoe closet - different shoes for different occasions. Via teaches marker rendering and Norwegian rosemaling. Contact her at [email protected], or read her personal blog at