This is guest post written by bjfgator (Beth Fitzgerald), a V4L forum member from Nutter Fort, WV and co-founder (with MissEmma) of the "Vapashopaholics Club". I didn't coin that phrase €¦ those infamous words were posted by a forum user named ian559 in a recent post. From the supposed invention of the first stone wheel during the Bronze Age to the earliest prototype of the roulette wheel by inventor and mathematician Blaise Pascal, people have been fascinated by "the wonder of the wheel." It is ironic that Pascal was attempting to invent a perpetual motion machine when he inadvertently invented this remarkable gambling phenomenon. At Vapor4Life "the wonder of the wheel" leads to a phenomenal amount of perpetual ordering. Additionally, a spin-off of a wheel deal generates posts expressing emotions that run the gambit from fear, "Oh No! The Wheel is Back" (from a forum user by the name of TheBlueAdept), to delight, "What did you score with the latest sale" (posted by ian559), and everything in between, "The Wheel is back" posted Via, "I can't believe it!" (from its_me1945). Searching for the keyword "wheel" in the Vapor4Life forum will bring up 57 threads that reference the revered word! The real "wonder of the wheel" is a paradox that requires the watcher to imagine a spinning roulette that lands or stops on a discount percentage at various intervals controlled by the spin master. All we ever see is the current spin results. We load our carts with new things to try or restocks of old favorites, watch and refresh the "wheel deal" page until we score the percentage we desire, then race to enter the code and checkout before the next spin. I've given up on making logical sense of my behavior. As pragmatic as I am, and even if I have just placed an order in the last few days, I find myself mystically spellbound and mysteriously compelled to order by "the wonder of the wheel."