disposable cigarette benefit Each year in the United States, the number of smokers decreases bit by bit. In seemingly direct correlation, however, the number of adults vaping has increased as electronic cigarettes have become more mainstream. One study discovered that electronic cigarettes and vaporizers were 60% more effective in helping people quit smoking when compared to nicotine patches and gum. According to the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, more than 4 million Americans currently use electronic cigarettes or vaporizers. But one of the issues that former smokers come across when they want to switch to vaping is that there are simply too many choices. And where cigarettes could be used once and didn't require anything to take care of them, rechargeable electronic cigarettes and devices need charging, refilling, and other care. Another option, however, is to use disposable e cigarettes. These devices often provide a stepping stone for those looking to quit tobacco without losing the physical sensation of smoking a cigarette. Here are just a few disposable cigarette benefits that new users may enjoy: 1. No charging: Perhaps one of the most immediate disposable cigarette benefits is that these devices don't need to be charged in order to work. This means that the e cigs can't be used continuously because the battery could run out. One of the biggest advantages of disposable e cigs, however, is that these devices don't need charging. They are ready to use right out of the box, which can bring instant relief to someone in need of a nicotine fix. 2. No refills: Also necessary for e cigarettes is the e liquid used to produce the vapor. Once e liquid runs out in a rechargeable e cig, it must be refilled. This can seem too confusing to new users, though, especially if they're used to not thinking about how their cigarettes are used. Disposable e cigs will stop working once they run out of e liquid. 3. Same flavors: In today's e cigarette market, there are more than 466 brands and over 7,700 flavors for electronic cigarettes. With that many vaping flavors for sale, smokers may not feel like they're replacing smoking but starting a new habit entirely, and the unfamiliar feeling could send them right back to smoking. For those who are new to vaping, however, they can enjoy the same tobacco and menthol flavors they're used to with disposable electronic cigarettes.   Have more questions about disposable cigarette benefits or have recommendations for new users? Leave us a comment!