e liquidUsing a rechargeable electronic cigarette delivers an advantage that most disposable models can't offer: the ability to refill your device with any flavor e liquid you want. These liquids, sometimes called e juice, are made from vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol and also contain flavoring and varying amounts of nicotine. They are necessary to produce the vapor that comes out of an e cig. While e cigs started out as a simple replacement for tobacco cigarettes, they come today in hundreds of styles, colors, and flavors to suit the user's personal preferences. If you're searching for the right vaping flavors for your rechargeable e cig or other vaping device, here are three important factors that will help you find the right e liquid for your lifestyle: Flavor E cigs offer more choices than simply tobacco. Today's choices of vaping flavors for sale range from candy and chocolate to coffee and mixed drinks -- and more. Polls from e cig forums and vaping shops tend to show the same results every time: people who vape tend to prefer "fun" flavors over tobacco. This is perhaps the number one factor in determining the type of vaping liquid one purchases, but it shouldn't be the only one. Nicotine Concentration Nicotine is a substance found in cigarettes, and, like the physical act of smoking, it is widely regarded as the addictive portion of these products. Because many people switch to e cigs while trying to quit smoking, vaping liquids contain varying amounts of nicotine based on the user's preference. Those who were heavy smokers may start out with higher concentrations of nicotine in their vaping liquids, whereas those who are lighter smokers can usually stand less. E juice is even available without any nicotine at all, which is perfect for both casual users and those who have kicked the nicotine habit for good. Childproofing It's a fact that young children can get into things that they should leave alone, but unfortunately, this can sometimes result in tragedy. Ever since vaping began to grow in popularity, there have been more reported poisonings each year involving children accidentally ingesting vaping liquid. In Dec. 2014, the first ever recorded death from these substances occurred when a toddler in New York state ingested this liquid. Parents are especially cautioned not only to keep vaping flavors, which can be mistaken for candy, out of a child's reach but to also find brands that offer childproof caps and other safety measures to prevent injury, illness, and tragedy. Finding the right vaping flavors for your lifestyle and preferences can take time, so don't be afraid to experiment with different flavors. Have more questions about finding the right flavor and nicotine level for your e cigs? Leave a comment below.