Throughout the country, there’s been a push to change the legal smoking and vaping age from 18 to 21. Illinois is the next state to vote on the law and it’s moved through the House and Senate. Currently, it sits on Governor Rauner’s desk to await the often unpredictable governor’s signature. The Tobacco 21 law passed the House with a 61-49 vote count, following on the heels of an approval from the Senate. Chicago enacted a similar Tobacco 21 law in 2016, spurred on by concerns that cigarettes and e-cigs could make 18-year-olds more susceptible to nicotine addiction. Retailers and consumers alike have shown concern over and resistance to the Tobacco 21 law. One argument is that younger vapers and smokers will purchase their items illegally on a black market. Time will tell whether Rauner will sign the Tobacco 21 bill into law. In the meantime, vape on.