tobacco companies keep you hooked How Tobacco Companies Keep You Hooked. V4L and Living Tobacco Free, Part Two When I started to research this article, I assumed that I already knew the answers. But the answers were far more stunning than I had imagined. Here are a few of the more sneaky things that we learned of how cigarette companies make cigarettes more harmful and addictive:  Opening Up Your Lungs – Tobacco companies add chemicals designed to open your airways so that the effects of the cigarettes are faster and more powerful. They also use “ventilated filters” so that smokers get more smoke per puff.  Flavorings – While “Big Tobacco” isn’t allowed to sell flavored cigarettes, they still use flavorings such as licorice and chocolate to mask any bitterness.  Sugar – Most of the nicotine in tobacco is found in the stem. However, stems are bitter, so most of the time companies mix the stems in with the paper wrapper. Also in the mix are certain sugars that make the paper taste better. The catch is that in addition to people becoming addicted to cigarettes, they taste of burned sugar is also highly addictive.  Curing – During the drying process called curing, the high heat increases the potency of several cancer-causing chemicals.  Ammonia – The addition of ammonia speeds up how quickly a smoke can feel the effects of nicotine.