Tobacco ECigs: Logic Pro versus Blu Plus

Tobacco Cigalikes: BluPlus versus Logic Pro

In the rush to embrace convenient and stylish vape pod and potent nic salts, regular nicotine eliquids and time tested cigalike designs are often overlooked. This is a shame because vape pods merely ape the performance of earlier cigalike designs and provide similar a mouth to lung vaping experience. Moreover, regular (or freebase) eliquids provide a more authentic throat hit than nic salts, which appeals to many smokers. If you are interested in vape pods and nic salts, check out our wide selection of bottled nic salts.  

A final factor worth considering is that regular nicotine eliquids generally offer lower nicotine options, which is ideal and coincides with Vapor4Life’s philosophy. Our goal has always been to help smokers switch to vaping and to provide vapers with multiple nicotine options, with the end goal being a nicotine and vaping free lifestyle.

Category Logic Pro Blu Plus+
Style Vape Capsule Cig-A-Like
Nic Salt Flavors 0 0
Nic Strengths 2% 0 to 2.4%
Battery 650mAh 140mAh
Coil Resistance 2.3ohms 3.5ohms
Size 5.1 x 0.59 x 0.59" 3.9 x 0.36 x 0.36"



 For many long time vapers, the cigalike was their entry point into the world of ecigs. The original models were roughly the size of cigarettes, many were disposable, and they were designed to deliver vapor that reminded the user of a cigarette. This style of vaping was eventually supplanted by larger and more robust designs, then with powerful, cloud-chucking box mods and finally with vape pod kits.

It turns out that there may be hobbyists and purists in search of the most sophisticated and rewarding way to vape. But most adults are just looking for an ecig that is easy to use, convenient, hassle-free and delivers satisfying performance with great flavor. While all of these ends can be accomplished with an upscale device, a classic ecig like the Blu Plus or the Logic Pro are certainly capable of fitting the bill.


Tobacco Ejuice

Cigalikes certainly aren’t the flashy design on the market but there has always been a considerable upside to compact cylindrical ecigs. Major manufacturers have worked on perfecting the design, which is particularly well-suited for tobacco flavored eliquids. Not only do cigalikes resemble cigarettes but they are designed to provide a vapor that reminds the adult user of smoking. And they are frequently the type of device which initiates smokers to vaping. While most adult vapers prefer sweeter, fruit and dessert eliquids, heavy smokers and first time users gravitate towards tobacco for obvious reasons.

Another feature is that the Blu Plus+ and Logic Pro are widely available at brick and mortar locations, as well as at Vapor4Life. Not only are they made by tobacco companies but they are limited to tobacco and tobacco menthol flavors by the federal flavor ban. Now it is time to see how the Blu Plus and Logic Pro stack-up in a head to head comparison.


Blu Plus+

If you ask a vaper to draw a cigalike, chances are it will look like a Blu Plus. Unlike the MyBlu, which is a relabeled Von Erl vape pod kit, the Blu Plus is all ecig. From cylindrical shape to high resistance coil, it is essentially a perfected version of the Blu ecigs that vapers have been snapping up at 7-11s and gas stations since 2009.

The Blu Plus represents the perfected and mass market cigalike that is available everywhere. It has a 140mAh battery. This may sound small but the coil is an efficient 3.4ohms. For comparison, a Juul battery is slightly bigger at 200mAh but is running a coil with much lower resistance, approximately 1.5ohms depending on the flavor. This means it takes less battery juice to fire up a Blu Plus and it lasts for longer than you would anticipate, unless of course you chain vape long drags.

Chain vaping is not what the Blu Plus is designed for. The ejuice capacity is 1.0ml. While bigger than a Juul Pod, this size advantage is further stretched by the aforementioned 3.4ohm coil. Not that you ever see the coil. The Blu Plus is a closed tank system. To fill, you simply screw on a prefilled tank of eliquid. Because the Blu Plus is a closed system, it is only available in tobacco and menthol.

The BluPlus+ kicks out 3.9w. Which may sound like a small number if you vape box mods but is all it needs. The Blu Plus is not designed for chasing clouds. It is meant to deliver flavor, authentic and discrete puffs for adult smokers. It has a very authentic draw and the use of freebase nicotine means there is a sturdy little throat hit. The nicotine strength is 2.4 percent. This is equivalent or even slightly higher to the lower nic options offered by the big 3 prefilled nic salt vape pods (MyBlu, Vuse Alto and Juul).


Tobacco BluPlus+

Tobacco Blu Plus+ is a very solid tobacco flavor. Not surprising since they have had a full decade to perfect the flavor and Imperial Brands is a tobacco company. This is a fairly accurate representation of tobacco smoke, very similar to a cigarette but a clearness of flavor that almost resembles pipe tobacco. The overall package is excellent, the flavor and the device work in concert to create a superb vaping experience for adult vapers who do not want bother with refilling their device.


Logic Pro

The Logic Pro is a bigger device than a Blu Plus. As far as the retro vibe, consider the Logic Pro equivalent to an eGo cartomizer versus the cigalike appeal of the Blu Plus. Obviously, there has been a lot of ground covered by the vaping industry since eGo Twists and cigalikes dominated but the Logic Pro stands the test of time and has a couple interesting tweaks that make it a great option for adult vapers looking for a widely available and easy to use device.

The Logic Pro is a bit over an inch longer than a Blu Plus, holds twice the amount of eliquid and has a battery over four times larger (650mAh versus 140mAh). The nic strength is slightly lower than the Blu Plus, 2 versus 2.4 percent. But the coil is also lower resistance, 2.3 ohms versus 3.5ohms. This means a lot more vapor production when combined with an output about twice as great.

Like the Blu Plus, there are no nic salt formulas. But the nic strength and vapor production lead to a satisfying experience. There is a nice throat kick but the vapor is cool is enough to soften the edges.

Rather than cartridges that are screwed on in the traditional style, the Logic Pro uses Smart Capsules. These do appear to be a smart design as they are less inclined to leak and have decent capacity. Inserting a Smart Capsule is super easy, as they snap into the hollow mouth piece of the Logic Pro. But what matters is the vapor that comes out the other end.


Tobacco Logic Pro Review

The bigger cloud production of the Logic Pro creates an airy experience than the Blu Plus but this is still a MTL vape. The flavor hews closely to classic tobacco with enough sweetness to keep this from being too earthy. This is a clean and smooth flavor, it is very similar to cigarette but oddly fantastic rather than just an alternative. This is a great tobacco flavor.


Final Thoughts

While the BluPlus has much to recommend, the Logic Pro is the larger and more sophisticated device. It delivers performance that the BluPlus simply cannot match on paper. As far as flavor, which is entirely subjective, I preferred the Tobacco Logic Pro eliquid.