Tobacco Free Nicotine and Orchard Blends by Five Pawns

Tobacco Free Nicotine EJuices

Current eliquids on the market rely on nicotine derived from the tobacco plant. This is true of nic salts and regular ejuices. But technology is advancing and there are now tobacco free nicotine options on the market.

S-Isomer Nicotine

Orchard Blend Eliquids by Five Pawns uses S-isomer nicotine, the purest form of tobacco free nicotine, in their ejuices. To briefly summarize, the nicotine molecule has two stereoisomers that are mirror images. But only the S-Isomer is thought to have physiological effects, while the R-isomer only appears in small amounts in tobacco sourced nicotine.

With this in mind, they have created a synthetic nicotine that does not contain R-Isomer nicotine. What does this mean? In practical terms, you only have to consume half as much S-Isomer nicotine to equal the effect of R+S Isomer nicotine according to Five Pawns. For this reason, they recommend steering clear of R+S Isomer nicotine as the S-Isomer more closely matches the experience of tobacco derived nicotine.

According to Five Pawns, the lack of taste is perhaps the most important attribute of their S-Isomer nicotine. Standard, tobacco sourced nicotine has an astringent taste almost like cinnamon. Although masked creatively with compelling flavors, it is always there. Five Pawns is able to work more subtly and more skillfully with their flavors, as there is no underlying flavor to mask and no unpleasant aftertaste.

Contraf-Nicotex Tobacco (CNT) is Five Pawns partner and provider of tobacco free nicotine. As one of the first manufacturers of S-Isomer nicotine, they have a product that can conceivably reshape vaping.

Orchard Blends EJuices

Flavorless tobacco-free nicotine alone does not make a great ejuice. But it is a good starting point. Orchard Blends Eliquids by Five Pawns are flavor forward masterpieces, ideal for subohm vaping and cloud chucking. A powerful box mod or a more powerful vape pod kit like a Smok RPM40 would be perfect for these ejuices.

Orchard Blends may not contain tobacco or tobacco derivatives, but they still deliver the bold and bright ejuice flavors that former smokers who now vape prefer. Sold in 3 and 6mg/ml nic strength and nic free, Orchard Blends are ideal for direct to lung vaping and are sold in 60ml bottles. These are 70 percent VG ejuices.

Pineapple Kiwi Orchard Blends Eliquid

Hardy Kiwi is grafted onto a base of Queen Pineapple in the Pineapple Kiwi Orchard Blends by Five Pawns. The sweetness hits when you exhale but the precision and authenticity of the flavor notes allows this ejuice to maintain its balance. Not muted with tobacco derived nicotine flavors, the purity of the flavor shines through.

Pineapple Kiwi Ice Orchard Blends Eliquid

Menthol ice mixed into fruit vapes is more closely associated with nic salt ejuices but it was inevitable that such a popular formula find itself incorporated into regular nicotine ejuices as well. The nearly flavorless S-isomer nicotine is ideal for a sweet fruit mixed with a blast of ice. The Pineapple Kiwi Ice brings the same bold notes of Hardy Kiwi and Queen Pineapple together, only this time in an icy slurry that retains the brightness of the fruit while offering the vaper a respite from the sweetness with a chilly exhale. If you are interested in nic salt eliquids instead, check out our collection of all the top brands. 

Berry Limeade Orchard Blends Eliquid

The main selling point of Orchard Blends Eliquids are the nearly perfect fruit formulations and S-isomer tobacco free nicotine which is close to flavorless. Berry Limeade Orchard Blends is on brand, tickling the taste buds with sophisticated sweetness and the bite of tangy tartness. Raspberry, blueberry and blackberry notes are easily identified individually and form a cohesive whole. A hint of lime draws out the natural complexity of berry flavors and makes for a great all day vape.

Berry Limeade Ice Orchard Blends

Fans of beverage vapes and mixed berry eliquids will surely enjoy the flavor of Berry Limeade by Orchard Blends. But this is a great flavor that can also be enjoyed on ice. The addition mint is a welcome one, as the tartness is frozen in a sheet of glacial ice.

Melon Mash Orchard Blends Eliquid

Melon Mash Orchard Blends is an extraordinary melon flavor infused ejuice. Inspired by southwest Asia, it forges the flavors or Black Diamond Watermelon, Honey Melon and Halona Cantaloupe into a cohesive all-day vape.

Melon Mash Ice Orchard Blends Eliquid

Icy menthol pairs perfectly with a mix of Black Diamond Watermelon, Honey Melon and Halona Cantaloupe in the sophisticated Melon Mash Ice Orchard Blends Eliquid.

Mango Passion Orchard Blends Eliquid

Haden Mango and Purple Passion Fruit are a perfect duet of flavors in Mango Passion Orchard Blends Eliquid. Tropical mango grabs your attention with its rich blend of flavors while the Purple Passion Fruit adds a dash of whimsical sweetness that elevates the inhale and exhale.

Mango Passion Ice Orchard Blends Eliquid

Mango Ice is one of the hottest flavor in nic salts. It may soon be one of the hottest flavors in lower nicotine, high VG (70%) ejuices as well. Taking full advantage of tropical Haden Mango and Purple Passion Fruit flavor, Mango Passion Ice Orchard Blends is a punchy and bright flavor is balanced and smoothed with a dose of icy cold menthol mint. The S-isomer tobacco-free nicotine is perfectly utilized in this sophisticated eliquid.

Nana Berry Orchard Blends Eliquid

Strawberry and banana are a great combination in eliquids and Nana Berry Orchard Blends is no exception. Garden Strawberry and Cavendish Banana, rather than the typical Gros Michel Banana found in most artificially flavored items, meld perfectly into a flavor that is certain to be a delight to fruit vape lovers. With a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, this is an ejuice meant to be enjoyed out of high tech and hard-hitting devices, like AIO vape pod kits with subohm coils and box mods.

Nana Berry Ice Orchard Blends Eliquid

Strawberry Banana Ice. Sounds like a disposable vape or nic salt flavor. But Nana Berry Ice Orchard Blends is formulated for vapers who user more powerful and cloud throwing devices. A 70 percent VG formula, Orchard Blends Ejuices are sold in 60ml bottles. The available nic strengths are 0, 3 and 6mg/ml. If you are interested in disposable vapes, we have plenty of those as well, including multiple brands that are available in Strawberry Banana flavors.