Everyone knows someone in their life that can be a bit stubborn. Some people are set in their ways, have certain routines they get used to, and simply put - don't want to change. Maybe you are stubborn yourself, or it's  your spouse.  Perhaps you and your husband used to smoke together for many years until you discovered  a better alternative. Now you use your ecig everywhere, in the car, on the couch watching TV, grocery shopping... You love your new smoke stick and  wish  they'd been invented years ago. The moment your girlfriend let you try hers, you were hooked and the first thing you did when you got home, was tell your husband everything you had just learned. Now instead of being excited and heading to the computer to research, he just stares at you, giving you a look that says "Yeah, right. That is just not me." You end up doing some research on your own, and your girlfriend answers a lot of your questions. Now all the while you  have gotten  your first starter kit, tried a few different flavors, and are loving this new lifestyle. You love your husband and want to share this new way to smoke with him, but he's just not wanting any part of it. You set up several freshly charged batteries and screw on different flavored cartomizers for him, hoping he'll take a drag every once a while. But no go. After a few weeks of trying to get him to make the switch, you're at a standstill. You just don't know what to do. Well don't you worry! No, not yet. There is still hope for your stubborn husband (or wife, girlfriend, parent, roommate, etc). Some people need time to get used to the idea of smoking something electric. Many people have smoked for 30, 40, or even 50 years, and switching to vaping is just not going to happen in a day. Maybe not even a week or month. While working at Vapor4Life, we often hear stories from customers who used to smoke a pack every day for several years. Once they discovered this alternative, they took to ecigs like they'd been using them all their life. The day they started vaping, was the day they stopped smoking. Unfortunately, it isn't as easy for some. For those who need a little extra coaxing please try to just be there for them. Try to be patient and give them time. You may want to offer different batteries, all kinds of flavors, and hope that something will make them switch just like that. Sometime we hear from people who took a while transitioning into the new lifestyle. There are those who alternated between using ecigs and analogs, and slowly over time forced  themselves  to change. Everyone is different and the way we break old habits is also different. If you have a friend struggling to make the switch, it's important to give them time and let them see for  themselves  all the benefits that come along with the vaping lifestyle. If they are truly just being stubborn and don't want to give it a try, show them this article:  ECigs vs. Traditional Cigs.  It outlines the differences, and more importantly the similarities between smoking and vaping. We wish you and your (possibly stubborn) pal the best of luck. Join us in the V4L Forum for some extra support!