Nic Salt Promo Code You know what they say, those who are rich in memes are rich in life. When normal communication just isn’t getting across our true meaning, we turn to memes to make sure everyone gets us...and gets to laugh in the process. And hey, they’re great for inside jokes, so if you’re looking for material to share with your vape friends, look no further. Here are the best 10 vape memes floating around the Internet right now. 1. New Favorite Juice Love at first vape cloud. There is nothing quite as satisfying as finding a new favorite vape juice. When your friends ask to fill up their tank with your ejuice you’ll be like “No, put that one back it’s for me only. Hang on, I’ve got an eJuice for sharing around here somewhere.” 2. Me when I lose my vape This one came from a list of “relatable” vape memes and I don’t think the word’s ever been more properly utilized. Those portable vape pods are sure sleek and convenient, aren’t they? But if you can honestly claim you’ve never lost yours in the couch cushions or laundry, then get in touch with us, because you’re clearly a wizard. 3. Faces of Flavor Testing meme Every vaper has tested different juices at one point of their vaping lives and can definitely relate to the exotic tastes that you get with a puff of an unknown e Juice. 4. Ninja Turtle Vaping Meme When he wasn’t schooling them on ninjutsu, Splinter was making sure his children knew their pods from their mods. Do you suppose anyone’s tried opening a vape product and ninjato shop? Asking for a friend 5. When you see another vaper meme Seeing all the different mods people rock is like birdwatching except the birds are powered by electricity and taste like cotton candy. Perhaps the American Birding Association would be willing to share their convention space? 6. Drop your mod face meme Better screw your tank back on to see if your vape mod is working still! How many times have you dropped your vape mod? 7. Game of Thrones Vape Meme You understand electricity or you fry. 8. For or Vape Meme This is a familiar feeling when you’re a vape pod user and your friend is using a vape mod that produces massive clouds. 9. Arbys Fries Coil Meme Side effects of vaping do include never being able to look at curly fries the same way again. 10 Did you unplug my charger meme Hey, how do we know for sure that some charge cord shenanigans weren’t what set Patrick Bateman off on his murderous rampage? It would make about as much sense as any other explanation of that movie...wait, is that Huey Lewis and the News I hear?