Yesterday, we held our third annual Trade-A-Pack event in honor of the Great American Smokeout. We had nearly 100 people come to check out our retail store and trade their pack of smokes for a free ecig kit. A lot of other celebrations went on around America. One really clever event took place in Nebraska. The American Cancer Society had people trade in their cigarettes for a cold turkey sandwich! Love that. Smokers quitting cold turkey. About 135 University of Alabama students put on a flash mob yesterday on their campus. They were inspired by a anti-smoking commercial.  The goal of this day is to get people to stop smoking for 24 hours. They think that if someone can do that, it proves that they can completely quit. Vapor4Life exists to give people the best alternative to smoking. We are happy for anyone who is able to put down their pack, no matter how they do it. Quitting cold turkey didn't work for our Founder and CEO Steve Milin. That's why he turned to everything else he could think of to quit. He tried the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, prescription medications, even hypnosis. But nothing worked. Until he found out about ecigs. We know that quitting the tobacco is extremely difficult. We know that in addition to the real addiction that nicotine grips us with, smokers are also addicted to the hand-to-mouth act of smoking. That's why ecigs are so great. They provide the nicotine (which is about as harmful as a cup of joe) and the hand-to-mouth simulation. They also give you that throat hit you feel after taking a drag. What ecigs don't give you is the harmful tobacco full of cancer-causing chemicals. They don't give you stinky breath, stains on your fingers and teeth, or that nasty smoke smell. Ecigs give smokers what they enjoy about cigarettes, and none of the other stuff. Have you been able to put down your pack yet? Did you participate in any Great American Smokeout events? Tell us in the comment section below or tweet us at @Vapor4Life.