Five Amazing Redemption E-Juices Join the Transistor Universe
The Transistor E-Juice e-juice universe continues to expand.  We reviewed seven stellar new Transistor e-juices at the end of January. Today we are directing our gaze to the aptly named Redemption line. Transistor began as a side hustle for founder Shuk Yanni. He started by making small batches of e-juice for friends but word of his outstanding flavors soon spread on Facebook and at Chicago area vape shops. Unable to meet the skyrocketing demand, Transistor opened a professional juice lab mothership in the Chicago suburbs. Redemption Premium E-Liquid, another Illinois based ejuice company, had to shutter their doors last year. Fans of their precision crafted recipes will be happy to learn that five of their top e-juices been beamed up into the Transistor family: Phoenix, Seductive Sour, Cinnapple, Cinnamilk and Honey Crack. Here is a full breakdown on these new additions to the Transistor solar system. These are all 70/30 VG/PG ejuices that are optimized for cloud production and flavor.

Transistor Redemption 

Phoenix pulses with fresh and authentic fruit flavor. The fruit flavored ejuice field is a crowded one, but this blend of strawberry, pineapple and kiwi stands out because of how seamlessly it fuses these three distinct sweet flavors into a concentrated blast of juicy flavor. Strawberry leads the charge, lending a vibrancy and crispness to the hit. The tropical pineapple lingers on exhale, making this an especially refreshing vape. The kiwi ties these two bold tastes together into a cohesive whole that is mouthwateringly good. It is great news for vapers everywhere that Phoenix has risen again thanks to Transistor. Seductive Sour is a perfect complement to Phoenix. Don’t be deceived by the sour name. This is a fruit sour flavor rather than a candy sour. The blend of mango, lychee and dragon fruit has a tart tang. We did a deep dive of mango flavored e-juices recently, seductive sour was not included because the perfectly executed dragon fruit steals the show. Fans of mango and fruit flavors should still check this juice out. A tropical fruit tour de force, Seductive Sour hits all the right notes. Cinnapple is one of Redemption’s two cinnamon ejuices. Redemption’s execution of cinnamon is faultless, while pairing it with apple is as American as apple pie. Juicy, crisp and sweet apples make a perfect for partner for aromatic and bold cinnamon. The tartness of the fruit is muted by a the cinnamon, but the spiciness is never overpowering. These two flavors play off each other and are stronger as a team. This is a balanced flavor pairing that you will find irresistible. Cinnamilk is a punchy combination of cinnamon, sweet frosting and icy cool milk. The blend of flavors is outstanding, but there is no doubt that cinnamon is the leader. This ejuice is inspired by the swirl in the cinnamon roll rather than the frosting. Fans of dessert and breakfast ejuices are advised to give Cinnamilk shot. Honeycrack is a joyous flavor that will bring you back to the golden days sugary breakfast cereals. Inspired by a crispy crunch graham cereal, its a brand new vaping treat. But this sweet ejuice can be enjoyed all day. The sugary notes are flecked with golden honey, the 70/30 VG/PG split is perfect for the billowing clouds that this flavor inspires.