Why is my vaping battery broken? If your ecig isn’t working, this could be very annoying. You might be out and about, with just one batt, or you have a spare, but it’s not charged. If your vaping battery isn’t working, there are a few things you should try doing before throwing your hands up in frustration. Check this list of e-cig battery troubleshooting tips first!   1. Unscrew and re-screw in the cartomizer or tank. If the metal threading doesn’t line up perfectly, you could have a very simple problem on your hands. The connection isn’t there. Just unscrew your cart and screw it back on the ecig battery.   2. Raise the battery or cartomizer post. If the cart appears to be perfectly lined up with the battery, but it’s not working, it could still be a connection problem. Sometimes the post (the middle round part of the battery or cart) gets pushed down too far. It can happen if you screw the cart or charger onto the battery too far. To raise the post, take an unfurled paperclip or thumb tack and use it to move the post up away from the battery. You can use this method to raise the post on a battery or cartomizer.   3. Charge the battery. If raising the post doesn’t fix your vaping battery, it might need to be charged. Easy fix. Even people who’ve been vaping a long time can let their battery’s charge run all the way down. Regulated batts’ voltages remain the same no matter where it is in its charge cycle. Unregulated batteries will drop voltage as their charge is coming to an end. Some people will notice this when they’re vaping.   If your battery still doesn’t work after trying these things, it may be time to say goodbye. If this is a new battery, you should contact customer service to get a replacement.