It's been two years vapers, and you know what? It doesn't feel like it. It feels like I've been at Vapor4Life for my entire life. Not because life is a drag here, but it feels like home and that I'm with family.   Faces have come and gone over the last two years but the "family" has never wavered. We're a strong family here and I know I wouldn't have made it this far in my life without the help of my family here at work (side note: stop and reread that last sentence. "Family here at work." Let that sink in, and you'll understand our culture at Vapor4Life). Here's some insight on some of the great family members I have today. Brian I remember when I met Brian on my first day. He had a familiar face, but I couldn't remember from where. It was eating at me. Once I had my tour of Vapor4Life, I went to the back where Brian was picking an order and asked him, very awkwardly, "Hey, what's up man, you uh, I think I know you from somewhere, like where are you from?" He looked up confused but told me he was from the area and went to IIT, where I was going to school at time. BINGO! Since then, Brian and I have worked together and he's been nothing but support for anything you'd ever need. One of the most selfless people you'll meet. Scott Scott is nothing but a ton of fun. He always knows how to make you smile and is a blast to hang out with (even if I can't keep up with him!). He was one of the people here who helped me break out of my shell. He was into fighting games and a group of guys here used to have tournaments at lunch. Scott urged me to join, and I'm glad he did. He was a big part of helping me "be myself" at work, and I'll always thank him for it. Audrey You all know Ms. Audrey! We started together as interns and she's always been there for me at work. She's a teacher. Let's just say, I wouldn't nearly have the same grasp of social media that I do now without her help and guidance. Audrey's been there for me at my lowest of lows and is a big reason that I'm still here. Seriously. She's even pulled me aside to "just talk" to make sure everything was "okay" and you just don't find many people like her anymore. Steve Do I even need to say anything?! Steve makes this place feel like home. From my first day  as a Vapor4Life employee, Steve made me feel safe and secure. He's hard on you because he cares and that meant a lot to me in college. He gave me a job while still in school when he didn't even have to! I told him this today "I don't where'd I be without big man." And that's the truth. He cares and loves everyone here, unconditionally, and I've yet to see anything like it anywhere else. Without Steve, I'd be lost and I'm forever in his debt for guiding me in all the right directions! Of course, everyone here has helped me in one way or another, but I'd be writing all day to tell you every story. Vapor4Life is a special place and it never feels like work. The same love goes into our e-cigs to bring every vaper the best vape! Tell us, why do you love Vapor4Life?