Twst Joins Salt Nic Revolution With Six Great Flavors

Why We Love Refillable Vape Pod Systems

Refillable vape pod systems are an amazing alternative to Juul and similar prefilled pod systems. Refillable vape pods are also known as open pod systems, and give you the freedom to choose the best salt nic juice for your vaping purposes. Twst Salts are a worthy competitor in this category.

Rather than being limited to the flavors provided by the manufacturer, with an open vape pod you can choose from literally thousands of high quality options. Today we are looking at Twst Salt's entries in this competitive arena.

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Best Salt Nic Juice

Refillable pods open up so many amazing nic salt flavor options. One new face in the nic salt arena the product of an industry veteran. Twist, a well-known ejuice maker, subtracted the “i” from their name added nic salts to some of their some of their best selling flavors to create Twst Salt. Fans of Lemon Twist Pink Punch and Melon Twist, will be happy to know that Twst Salts brings the heat with viable nic salt alternatives to these classes. There are some new flavors as well, and all Twst salts are available in 3.5 and 5.0% nic strength. Twst nic salts are sold in 30ml bottles.

Twist E-Liquid is a Los Angeles based company that has remained at the forefront of the industry with their arsenal of solid, fruity and dessert e-juices. They’ll drop some menthol into a top seller or two, but no tobacco flavors here.

Twst Salt

Twst Watermelon Madness

Twst Watermelon Madness has spiraled into the depths flavor lunacy and created an intensely realistic watermelon nic salt. Method acting at its finest, Twst captured the pure, refreshing and delicious watermelon flavor that vapers love.

Backed with a smooth nic salt finish, watermelon may be a classic eliquid flavor, but there is more than meets the eye with this fiendishly clever nic salt ejuice. Watermelon Madness is a madcap merger of sweet and fruity. It has a balanced flavor that can be enjoyed all day. Mouthwatering anticipation is the natural response. Insanely good is an understatement. 

Twst Mango Cream Dream

Twst Mango Cream Dream has a scrumptious flavor that guides you into an ethereal world of grace, balance and perfect flavor. The freshness of mango is present in every puff, but the creaminess of Twst Mango Cream Dream places this nic salt firmly in the dessert camp.

And like any great dessert, there is always room for more. Were you searching for a mango salt nic that is sweet, smooth and silken? Your dream has not been deferred. It has been realized. Less fruity than most mango nic salts, the creaminess does not detract from the authenticity of the fruit flavor.

Twst Honeydew Melon Chew

Twst Honeydew Melon Chew blends fresh honeydew melon and wild, refreshing watermelon into an alluring nic salt blend. You will be champing at the bit for this sweet, refreshing vape. Melon Twist is one of the most loved e-juices, and its nic salt cousin upholds the family tradition. Nothing is cooler and more refreshing than a sweet, fruity salt nic juice.

Trying to figure out which of the crazy quilt of smooth melon flavors is your favorite will give you something to chew on while you enjoy this all day nic salt vape. Its amazing how a fruit salad reject, honeydew melon, has spawned so many amazing ejuices.

Twst Pink Punch

Twst Pink Punch is a knockout artist. The freebase Eliquid was widely loved, and the nic salt version leads with its chin, in this case an authentic, summer cool pink lemonade with big dollop of mouthwatering sweetness.

Just when you think you have this cagey flavor figured out, it surprises you with a shot of lemony tart and a jab of fruit punch that will keep you coming back for more of this sturdy nic salt flavor.

Twst Iced Pink Punch

Twst Iced Pink Punch adds a blast of icy chill to a Pink Punch Lemonade that stands on its own as a tremendous nic salt flavor. The menthol flavor hits on the back end, adding a dose of cool to sweet pink lemonade flavor. The coolness elevates the pink punch, but is never overpowering.

If you like sugary sweet lemonade with a twist, err twst, this nic salt is just what you need. Twst has a couple of these iced flavors. Menthol lovers will love the frigid pull, but fans of fruit flavors won’t find the mint overwhelming.

Twst Iced Pucker Punch

Twst Iced Pucker Punch is a nic salt ejuice that hits you square in the taste buds with a fantastic blend of fruit flavors. Twist perfectly fused mouth puckering citrus, sweet pineapple, and a cornucopia of fruit flavors.

You will love the icy twist of menthol, which elevates this nic salt to another level.  Fans of menthol vapes and fruity vapes will agree on this one. A fantastic confluence of icy and fruity flavor elements.