Twst Salts: New Names, Same Great Flavors

Twist ELiquids

Los Angeles based Twist Eliquids has a massive lineup of legendary eliquid flavors. While they broke into the vaping scene with traditional 70% VG eliquids, their lineup of nic salts have proven extremely popular with customers and industry experts alike. They may have subtracted the “I” from Twist to create Twst Salts, but the vibrant and bright flavors are still there in full force. Vapor4Life carries a huge selection of nic salt eliquids and we do this to guarantee you will find a perfect match. More than a few of our most popular salts were created by the master formulators at Twst Salts.

As suggested by the name, every flavor has a unique twist and there are plenty to choose from. But familiar names of Twst Salts are being totally updated. Here is a complete guide to the renamed Twst Salts line-up. 

Keep in mind that Twst Salts use potent salt nic. They are not meant for use in higher wattage mods and are not suitable for subohm vaping. If throwing clouds is your thing or you prefer lower nicotine formulas vaped in mod or low resistance AIO vape pod kit, check out our guide to the regular line of Twist ELiquid flavors. 


Old Name New Name
Watermelon Madness Red No. 1
Iced Pink Punch Pink 0°
Pink Punch Lemonade Pink No. 1
Berry Medley Lemonade Purple No. 1
Honey Dew Melon Chew Green No. 1
Tropical Pucker Punch Blend No. 1
Strawberry Crush Crimson No. 1 
Arctic Cool Mint Mint 0°
New Flavor Menthol No. 1
New Flavor Tobacco Gold No. 1

Twst Salts

Twst Salts are sold in 30ml bottles and have a 50/50 ratio of VG to PG. They come in two nic strengths: 3.5 and 5.0 percent. Their traditional emphasis was on bold and realistic fruit flavors which contained enough complex and complimentary flavor tones to create a perfect all-day vape. Twst has added two new tobacco flavors and a basic mint-menthol to the mix as well. This is great news for residents of states which have banned the fruit and dessert eliquid flavors that adults prefer.


Red No. 1 Twist Salt

Watermelon Madness Twst Salt

Formerly known as Watermelon Madness Twst Salt, Red No. 1 is a still a madcap blast of watermelon. Sweet and light, it is easy to see how watermelon became one of the most popular salt nic vaping flavors. There is naturally no shortage of sweetness, but Twst Salts has a deft touch and managed to keep this flavor balanced without the introduction of menthol to the mix.


Pink 0° Twst Salt

Iced Pink Punch Twst Salt

Twst Salt did no one any favors by affixing a “degree” symbol at the end of Pink 0°. But apart from this quibble, Iced Pink Punch Twst Salt is still here in everything but name. Pink 0° has the same great blend of pink lemonade, menthol ice and a hint of fruit medley. An outstanding beverage vape by any measure.


Pink No. 1 Twst Salt

Pink Punch Lemonade Twst Salt

Pink lemonade has all the flavor elements to make a great all-day nic salt…if executed correctly. Too much citrus or sugar can throw off the balance. Luckily, this is not a problem with Pink No. 1 Twst Salt. The flavor formerly known as Pink Punch Twst Salt is vibrant, balanced and beautiful. Pink No. 1 is definitely one of the best lemonade nic salts on the market.


Purple No. 1 Twst Salt

Berry Medley Lemonade Twst Salt

Berry Medley Lemonade Twst Salt has had its name changed to Purple No. 1 Twst Salt. While the name be cryptic, you will know exactly which flavors this fantastic nic salt drew inspiration from. A blend of berry medley and lemonade, the tartness and sweetness of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry are welcome additions to a fantastic pink lemonade base.


Green No. 1 Twst Salt

HoneyDew Melon Chew Twst Salt

It is a question that needs to be asked: How can a fruit as a lame honeydew melon make such a tremendous nic salt flavor? HoneyDew Melon Chew Twst Salt pushed this head-scratcher to the forefront to the mind of many vapers. The flavor balance was just about perfect and the authentic, deep flavors extremely complex. But the name HoneyDew Melon Chew is no more. Green No. 1 Twst Salt is the same flavor but in a newly labelled bottle. It remains a nic salt all-star.


Blend No. 1 Twst Salt

Tropical Pucker Punch

A luscious tropical fruit eliquid, Blend No. 1 is a great option if you are looking for the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry Alternative or best Juul Fruit Medley alternative. Tropical fruits have a dank depth of flavor which set them apart from your typical fruit nic salt fare. The combination of strong sweet pineapple notes and the rich tones of mango and papaya make for a great all-day vape.


Mint 0° Twst Salt

Arctic Cool Mint Twst Salt

The sweet yet cold flavor of spearmint and crushed mint leaves has inspired countless nic salt eliquids. Arctic Cool Mint Twst Salt was a late entry on the scene but is still considered one of the best mint nic salt eliquids. Now aptly named Mint 0° Twst Salt, this is a flavor designed to keep the taste buds occupied and never bored.


Tobacco Twst Salts

Twst Salts always used fruit eliquids as a canvas but in a flavor-ban world, they would remiss to not turn their attention towards tobacco eliquids as well. They now have a pair of tobacco inspired flavors that must seem like a welcome relief to vapers stuck in states where the fruity flavors that adult vapers prefer are banned. The tobacco flavored Twst Salts also have a corresponding freebase nicotine option as well for fans of clouds and subohm vaping, The tobacco Twst Nic Salts are a great alternative for Vuse and Juul users.


Tobacco Gold No. 1 Twst Salt

Tobacco Gold No. 1 Twst Salt is a medium-bodied tobacco flavor. Accurately recreating the flavor of a cigarette, the smooth nic salt throat hit and kick make this a satisfying option for adult nic salt users. The taste does not dominate the tongue after inhale, making it a decent option for adult fans of fruit vapes who are denied access to their preferred flavors by state regulations.


Menthol No. 1 Twst Salt

The icy and rich menthol flavors in Menthol No. 1 are balanced to perfection in this fine nic salt eliquid. It tastes almost like one of those center jelly mints that you receive at restaurants. It starts out very icy and ends with sweeter notes moving to the forefront on exhale.