IMG_1072 Understanding PG/VG ratios"

The world of vaping can seem a little overwhelming at first, with all the numbers and letters involved in vape batteries, mods and e liquids. What does 18650 stand for? What does VG mean? What does PG mean? Do I need more VG or PG? What does high-VG e-juice mean?  Worry not, dear vaping friends. I'm hear to translate all these funky abbreviations and tell you why they're important.   One of the biggest questions I get is, “what do the PG/VG ratios mean?” Most e liquids contain a mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.


 VG=vegetable glycerin

PG=propylene glycol

High-VG=more vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol


VG/PG Ratios

Now we're going to delve into how different ratios of VG and PG affect how you vape.  

Vegetable Glycerin, The Creator of CLOUDS When you vape a juice made with a high content of vegetable glycerin, you'll notice that the liquid is a little thicker and more viscous. Vegetable glycerin gives you a milder throat hit and flavor, so newer vapers might not prefer high-VG e-juices. The higher the VG content of an e-liquid, the more thick, huge clouds you'll get. This makes high-VG juices ideal for vapers who use mods or are into sub-ohm vaping (vaping with coils that are less than 1 ohm). Our newest line of Ultimo e liquids have a 60/40 VG/PG ratio to give you a smooth flavor and thick, lingering clouds. You can also buy your favorite flavors from Beard Vape Co., Space Jam E-Juice, Cuttwood and more...right at!

Propylene Glycol, Purveyor of FLAVOR and Throat Hits Propylene glycol (PG)  is noticeably less thick and viscous than vegetable glycerin, which means it will fill your cartomizer more quickly. An e-juice with a high content of propylene glycol is guaranteed to give you a more powerful throat hit than high-VG vape juice. If you're a smoker and you want a throat hit that feels like you're smoking a cigarette, you should vape an e-juice that is made up with a majority of propylene glycol. Flavor chasers sometimes prefer propylene glycol because it creates an intensely concentrated flavor. You'll get less vapor with more propylene glycol, so it's good for stealth vaping too!

Our flagship flavors are made with more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin. Many of these flavors are available in the WOW version, or the Premium version. Here's a little bit about that:  WOW flavors are PG-heavy, but have a slightly higher VG content than Premium flavors, so WOW flavors will give you more vapor and a milder throat hit. Premium flavors are also PG-heavy have a little bit more propylene glycol than WOW flavors. If you vape Premium flavors you'll get a stronger throat hit.   VG-Only E-Liquids You might be curious why some vapers opt for VG-only e-liquids. These e-juices are tailored for people who have an allergy or sensitivity to propylene glycol.

We have a variety of  VG-only e liquids so you can vape if you're allergic to propylene glycol. These juices are perfect to use with our new vape mods and tanks. Sign up for our email list to get promo codes and be the first to know about the new line!     When it comes to choosing the right ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, it really depends on what type of vape experience you want. Do you prefer a higher PG content, or are you in the high-VG camp? Let us know in the comments. Happy vaping!