Every industry has their own lingo that people use to communicate, including the electronic cigarette industry. There is a lot of jargon used by people who use personal vaporizers. Some terms are self-explanatory, such as manual, automatic, battery, center post, flavor, LED tip, throat hit, cartridge,  vapor,  juice,  and nicotine strength. Some words used to describe supplies can't be found anywhere aside from e-cig websites, blogs, or forums. Most of these words  are pretty mundane. They include vaping, vaper, carto, passthrough, atomizer, stealth, thread, coil, tank, e-liquid, and diamond. Unusual Terms Venturing even further into the terminology used in the electronic cigarette industry, you will find a few terms that are even  more 'unusual'. These unusual phrases include condom, butt plug, and drip tip. Most people who use e-cigs, also known as 'vapers' learn the various terms over time as they begin to understand how their devices work. These more unusual terms are simply common, every day words to vapers. If a couple of people are talking about vaping, these words may come up in their conversation. If someone who doesn't know anything about e-cigs hears them, chances are that they will take a moment and say to themselves, "wait a minute, did I just hear what I thought I did?" Condom If you are new to the e-cigarette word, you're probably wondering yourself, just what these things mean. The first term is condom. In relation to this industry, a condom is simply the plastic cap that protects a cartomizer to keep it sanitary. They are usually clear, and one comes on the top of the cart, and one on the bottom of it. Most people throw them away once they  remove them from their carts.  Others save them for refilling cartomizers with e-liquid. Butt Plug The second different term is butt plug. An electronic cigarette butt plug is a small piece of plastic located in  the bottom of WOW carts. It is placed  there during manufacturing as part of the filling process for pre-filled cartomizers. It is made  of the same material as the condoms, and must be  taken out of the cart, before screwing it onto a battery. Drip Tip The third term is drip tip. A drip tip is an accessory that fits on a cartomizer as an extension. To attach it, just take off the white  disc on the cart and slide the drip tip on in its place.  This item  serves a few different purposes. First, it can be  used as a barrier between the cartomizer and your lips. Since carts are heated, they can get a little too warm for some people's liking. Instead of inhaling  right from the cart, you can use this drip tip so your lips  don't get too hot. Another use is to keep refilling carts as easy as possible. When you refill a cart with e-liquid, you must remove the white disc on it. If you use a drip tip instead, then you don't  have to fumble around removing the cart, you just have to take  the drip tip off. You can also leave it on the cart, and drip directly into the cart, although  Vapor4Life  does not recommend this method of filling. If you have questions about what a particular term means, please ask.  You can contact us by commenting  on this blog post, our Facebook Page, Twitter, or our forum.