A USB passthrough is a device that allows one to vape continuously without having to worry about recharging their e-cigarette. It is basically a battery with a cord attached. The end of the cord is a USB plug. They are also called "passthrus," and "PTs." Where It Works Passthroughs work great for people who are often on their computer, or in their car.  They can be used on a laptop, desktop computer, with a wall adapter, and with a car adapter. The Vapor4Life USB Passthrough runs at 5V, which is more powerful than all the KR808D-1 batteries from Vapor4Life (Vapor King, Original Vapor King, and Vapor Titan lines). Style Vapor King Passthroughs come in both automatic and manual versions.   The automatic style is activated by an internal suction switch (the same as the automatic batteries). The manual pass-throughs are activated with a small button on the side (just like manual-style batteries). USB Passthroughs are available in metallic red, metallic green, metallic purple, blue, gun metal platinum, light green, black, gold, white, chrome, lavender, and copper. Features The Vapor4Life Passthrough works with most USB ports. It features a durable, reinforced wire connection, and the convenience of  a partially coiled cable. The battery part is the same length as a regular-length Vapor King battery which is just over three inches long. The attached cord is 49 inches, and can be stretched an extra 36 inches past that, for a total of 85 inches (seven feet)! The Computer Controversy Ever since pass-throughs came about in the electronic cigarette world, there has been a controversy over using them on a computer. It is possible to damage a computer motherboard using a passthrough. Because pass-through need more power, the computer may become overloaded and burn out. However, it is extremely rare. You may have heard of e-cig expert Morandir835, a guest blogger who frequents the Vapor4Life forum and ECF. He tests all Vapor4Life products very thoroughly. His opinion on using PTs on the computer is that it simply should not be done. Vapor4Life respects him and all his testing. Vapor4Life wants to help people, so if a product that we sell shouldn't be used a certain way then we will tell our customers. Some people choose to never use their PT on their computer. Others are aware of the risk, but decide to go ahead and do it. Many of the vapers at the Vapor4Life headquarters use pass-throughs on their computers. Personally, I do use mine on both my work desktop and my personal laptop and have never had a problem. Passthroughs get very hot when used on a computer, so it is strongly recommended that you use CoolCarts as opposed to WOW carts and/or a drip tip for computer vaping on a PT. Also, be sure to always unplug your passthrough if you will be away from your computer longer than five minutes. Car Vapin' Some people prefer to use their passthrough while driving. It is great to have just going to work, or for long road trips. All you need for it to work in your car is a car adapter, just plug it in and you're ready to vape! The Vapor4Life Car Adapter is rated for  5V. Couch Vaper Are you a couch potato? No worries. Vapor4Life has you covered. You can have the convenience of unlimited battery life while chilling at home. Just plug your passthrough into a wall adapter, and then that into a wall socket. Now you'll never worry about your battery dying right in the middle of the big game, or when you're in a really good spot in your book. Tanks on PTs Tanks may be used on a passthrough, but it is not advised. They work best with a carto that has 3.0 ohms, rather than the 1.5 or 2.0 ohm carts inside the tanks. We recommend not using tanks on passthroughs, as they work best on batteries. Do you use a passthrough? Where do you use it the most? Tell us in the comment section below.