How to Use an E-Cig: A Beginner's Guide to Vaping
After a prolonged period of using tobacco cigarettes, many smokers find that they want an alternative that doesn't pose a myriad of health risks. As a result, these individuals may turn to the use of electronic cigarettes, which are sometimes called vapor cigarettes, to provide the satisfaction of smoking with a significantly lowered risk of health problems associated with tobacco use.
Puffing on an eCig -- also called vaping -- doesn't produce smoke but a vapor instead, which is created by a heated e liquid. Electronic cigarettes typically consist of a battery, a cartridge filled with e liquid, and an atomizer; however, some models also combine the atomizer and the cartridge into a device called a "cartomizer." Part of what makes eCigs so popular is that they are available in different styles and with all types of flavors, from fruit and chocolate to coffee and breakfast foods.
New eCig users may have a lot of questions about how to use an eCig or how to maintain one. Here are a few helpful tips that can get any eCig user started:
How to Use an eCig for the First Time While it is possible to use some types of eCigs, like disposable ones, straight out of the box, others require a bit of preparation before they are ready for vaping. Rechargeable eCigs need to be charged first in order to bring the battery to full power, so it may be a couple of hours before the vaping can begin. Charging can be done with either a wall charger or a USB port on a computer or other device. Next, the cartomizer needs to be screwed in. A pre-filled cartomizer can be installed according to the manufacturer's directions; an empty eCig cartomizer, however, will need to be filled before use.
How to Use an eCig for Vaping For those who are making the switch from smoking, it may be a while before they are used to vaping instead. Some make the switch right away, where others might slowly replace their tobacco cigarettes with the vapor cigarette. Any method is okay!
Some eCigs and vapor cigarettes require the user to press a button in order to get the vape. While this may help conserve the battery in some cases, it also makes the process a bit different, and potentially more complicated, than smoking. However, there are other models that don't require the press of a button. The amount of vapor produced typically depends on the model of eCig, so the more modified or customized the eCig is, the more vapor it may produce.
How to Refill a Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Another challenge that vaping presents for many users is the process of refilling a rechargeable model. This typically needs to be done when the eCig is no longer producing vapor. While some users may avoid this altogether by purchasing disposable eCigs or by purchasing vapor cartridges that have already been filled, others will have to refill the cartridges or cartomizers themselves. Instructions can vary depending upon brand and model of eCig, so it's best to read the directions carefully before attempting to refill an eCig cartomizer. Cartomizers can usually be refilled multiple times, but they may develop a "funky" taste after prolonged use. However, the price of a replacement cartridge is smallw when compared with the continuous costs associated with tobacco cigarette purchases.
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