As you have probably noticed by now, we recently relaunched a brand new website. The new  makes it  easier to find the products you want, has more product information and makes the ordering process easier. One of the changes that has been made is how you enter gift certificate numbers and promotion coupon codes. Previously, there were two different boxes and places for these numbers to be entered. Now, both the gift certificate code and promo code are entered into the same box, just at different times. The following is instructions on how to use both a gift certificate and a promo code for the same order. For this example, we will buy one Vapor King Carrying Case (yellow) using promo code  SMILIN for 10% off the order, and a $1 gift certificate. 1) Add one Vapor King Carrying Case (yellow)  to your shopping cart. Click "Proceed to Checkout". 2) You will see a box that says "ENTER GIFT CERTIFICATE OR COUPON CODE". First, enter SMILIN  and then click the box that says "Apply". On the right side of the screen, you will see that $1 was discounted for the code SMILIN. 3) Erase the code SMILIN  from the box and now enter your gift certificate code in the same box and click "Apply". On the right side of the screen, you will see that $1 was discounted for the gift certificate. 4)  Click "Proceed to Checkout", enter your billing information, shipping method, payment information, and then review your order. The Vapor King Carrying Case costs $9.95, the promo code discount brought it down $1. USPS Priority shipping and handling cost is $6.95, the tax is $0.90, the gift certificate brought it down $1, and the grand total for this purchase is $15.80. 5) Place your order and wait* for your package to arrive! If you have any questions or are having trouble placing an order, please contact us via phone Monday through Friday 9am to 8pm. Happy shopping! *Vapor4Life is not responsible for "mail person stalking" which is a common symptom of persons expecting vape mail.