[Image courtesy of Creative Commons http://bit.ly/Hy3N2q]"
What's up vapers?! BHam is back with something a little..... different today. Have you ever thought about using your e-cig as a pick-up line? No seriously, a few of us at the Vapor4Life were having some fun with this idea and I thought, "Hey, why not ask other people?" So this was the scenario that I came up with! Say I walk into a bar, right? I'm with my guys and we're just hanging out to see what the night has in store for us. I've got a magenta Vapor Zeus with me (this is KEY) and we all go up to the bar for drinks to start the night. We're laughing and drinking and let's say a little lady catches my eye. I don't want to be aggressive so I smile and continue talking it up with the guys. After a few cold ones, you know I'm going to start vaping away. So I do. Now, I already know some heads will turn when they see plumes of vapor coming from the bar, but more importantly, I know I'm going to get looks from that magenta Zeus I'm holding. This is where I use the Zeus as an ice-breaker. I look back over at the young lady from before and I see her looking my way. I smile and take another long drag and walk over to her. Now, I know this is one of the hardest things for a guy to do. You're completely out of your comfort zone and you feel vulnerable. But this is where the Vapor Zeus comes in handy! When I walk up to her, I immediately start talking about the Zeus. I tell her, "It's an e-cig that I've been using and I've been off regular cigarettes for two years now." I even ask if she wants to try it. After talking about vaping for a few minutes, the ice has been broken. I start to talk about what I do and where I from and before I know it, a few hours have passed (don't worry, my friends haven't left me in this scenario). Without the Zeus, there's no way I'm getting up from the bar and walking over. Who knows what I would've have started with if I wasn't holding a Zeus. Maybe something like, "Did it hurt?...When you fell from the heavens, because you're an angel." That's one reason I love my e-cig. It's a great talking piece in so many situations! I've met more vapers than I would've imagined and complete strangers will stop me just to find out what "that thing" is I'm holding! Keep your Vapor Zeus handy vapers, it just might help you meet some new faces!