USPS Vape Mail Ban Delayed

USPS Vape Mail Ban Delayed

If you live in a state which still accepts vaping shipments, there has been a temporary reprieve of an undetermined duration from USPS. We recommend ordering immediately but the USPS did not release their new rules as scheduled this week.

The dreaded USPS Vape Mail Ban, which forced online Vapor4Life to find alternate local carriers and made the PACT Act the most extreme attack on ash-free cigarette alternatives to date has been delayed.

The final set of USPS rules on the vape mail ban were scheduled to be released on Monday. As they are effective immediately, it was assumed that this would be the end of the line for USPS shipping. But as of Tuesday afternoon, there has still been no update on USPS register of rules.

As recently as last week, the USPS reminded vaping businesses that the rules were effective immediately and could be expected any day. Not only nicotine products are impacted. Marijuana vaping products are also prohibited in USPS parcels. Worse still, UPS and Fed-EX both agreed to follow the United States Postal Services lead.


What Is the Meaning of This?

It is impossible to know exactly what is going on behind the scenes at USPS. It could be bureaucratic inertia or it could be a larger problem formulating their rules to coincide with the PACT Act. Nor is there any time table for when this issue will be resolved.

“Despite our best efforts, in order to ensure thorough and thoughtful consideration of the complex issues and voluminous comments by industry, individual, and governmental stakeholders, the Postal Service is unable to publish a final rule by today’s target date.” USPS Spokesman David P. Coleman

Currently, we can ship to the following states:

  • Illinois
  • Missouri
  • Florida
  • Mississippi
  • North Dakota
  • Arizona
  • Delaware

(We will update this list when we complete registration in additional states in the coming weeks.)



Vapor4Life Here for the Long Haul

While the bureaucratic delays may allow many customers to place another order conveniently placed in their mailbox, relying on bureaucratic interia is not a long term solution.

This is why Vapor4Life is working tirelessly to locate local shipping providers and expanding our geographic footprint. For updates on new states that we will continue to add, check out our feature: PACT ACT Impacts Our Ability to Ship.


In-Store Pickup

Check out our It is easier than ever for local customers simply pick up their order at Vapor4Life. This is a great and cost saving approach that is available to anyone in the Chicago area, southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. We are conveniently located off of the Tri-State Expressway.

This is great news if you live in a state with a flavor ban, prohibits the shipping of vape products or are simply in a hurry, Vapor4Life now offers in store pickup for all Midwest customers at our Northbrook Illinois warehouse. Residents of Southeastern Wisconsin are located less than an hour away and Indiana not much further. Even Michigan is reasonable jaunt when you consider the savings you will accrue by purchasing and picking up your order.

Our address is:


4080 Commercial Drive

Suite A

Northbrook, IL 60062

With the PACT Act in place, the price of shipping has dramatically increased and we are currently unable to ship to many states. While we continue to work with local carriers and registering with states and localities, it may be another month before we are able to reach a wide swathe of the United States.

In-store pickup is also a convenient way to avoid the signature verification requirements that future orders will require starting in late March. Naturally, you will be asked for an ID but you won’t need to wait around for the mail carrier to show up.