UWell Caliburn Review

The Caliburn by UWell is a critically acclaimed vape pod kit. Let’s take a look at how the Caliburn, which is also an alternate name for King Arthur’s sword Excalibur, has cut its way through a crowded vape pod field.


Caliburn Appearance


The refillable Caliburn vape pod kit is one ounce aluminum featherweight. It is only a half inch longer than a Juul, with which is also shares a similar form factor and shape profile. It is a slim and compact design that fits easily in palm of your hand, and weighs only one ounce. The Caliburn is perfect for discrete nic salt vaping. It can function as both an autodraw and manual fire device, so there is a prominent button above the battery light indicator.



Caliburn Pods


Each Caliburn kit comes with two pods, a 1.4ohm parallel coil design with a blisteringly fast ramp up speed and a juice capacity of 2 ml.  The pods are held firmly in place with a magnetic connection and are top fill. Simply remove the mouth piece to reveal the two fill ports. Moving the fill port away from the pod-battery connection protects against leaking and potential device malfunction.



The Uwell Caliburn is powered by a 520mAh battery. With an efficient 1.4 ohm coil and an output of just 11w, this gives the Caliburn plenty of battery life, which is indicated by a light which changes color to keep you apprised of the Caliburn’s charge.


Autodraw or Manual Fire?


One unique feature of the Caliburn is that it has works as an autodraw and has a manual fire option. Not only does this give you flexibility to vape the way you want, but the device automatically detects if the button fails or autodraw have failed disables that mode of activation.


The Caliburn is a simple and reliable device, but this is still a nice feature for high mileage usage and the wear and tear that every day use can inflict. There is no way to disable the manual buttons and make the Caliburn function only as an autodraw, so make sure you click it five times to lock to avoid pocket firing.


The Secret of the Caliburn’s Success


On paper, the Caliburn is a competitive if not exceptional device. But in terms of real world performance, it is one of the best vape pods kit ever.


Th Uwell Calburn is a nearly perfect nic salt device. It ramps up instantly, delivering flavorful hits. The fire button gives you additional control of this speed and this makes for an admirable direct to lung vape.


As an autodraw, it provides an exceptional and restrictive hit that mimics the tight draw of a cigarette. The smoothness of the throat hit is further enhanced by the Caliburn’s Pro-FOCs flavor testing technology. This proprietary technology optimizes vape juice flavor by managing coil temperature and recycling drawn airflow through the atomizer core.



Final Thoughts


The Caliburn is also an ideal device for beginners. It delivers an amazingly authentic vaping experience with the flavor and warmth to appeal to smokers. It is easy to use, compact and nearly fool proof. The pods have an exceptional life span.


Get your Uwell Caliburn today at Vapor4Life. Available in assorted color schemes that range from classy to crazy calidoscope, beginning vapers, nic salt users and anyone looking for a convenient refillable vape pod kit should seriously consider the Caliburn. 


Caliburn Alternatives


The Caliburn may be much ballyhooed, but there are plenty of competitors nipping at its heals. As vaunted as it is, the UWell Caliburn is pitted against some extraordinarily effective refillable vape pod kits.


Our feature on the Top Ten Juul Alternatives takes a look at many of its contemporaries, and since that time another wave of vape pod kits have hit the market. The Smok Novo 2 is perhaps the most logical rival based on performance and purpose. Check out how the Smok Novo 2 compares to the original Smok Novo here.


The formidable Suorin Air Plus, reviewed here, keeps the credit card form factor of its predecessor but doubled in battery size and increased power as well. The Smok Trinity Alpha versus the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go is a battle that captivated the vaping world because of the capabilities of these devices and their revolutionary form factor.


The Smok Trinity Alpha is just one of several new devices that take advantage of the outstanding Smok Nord coil. design. Included on this list is of course the original Smok Nord, which looks enough like the Novo to prompt a comparison test but offers much greater flexibility with a wide range of coils.


The Aspire AVP is another logical consideration. The AVP received rave reviews on release. It is a staple of my daily vaping. Optimized for nic salts but with pod options capable of handling VG heavy regular juices, it is nearly silent and extraordinarily small.


The Voopoo Drag Baby Trio takes another approach entirely. An adorable mini-mod, it makes an outstanding starter kit and small enough to compete in the vape pod arena. With a big battery and three distinct coils, its amazing flexibility makes for a great starter kit and the tremendous flavor it generates will satisfy seasoned mouth to lung vapers and nic salts fans. Our review of the Voopoo Drag Baby Trio was an enjoyable one, as it over delivered in performance and cut a striking figure with its clever design.


At the end of the day, the right choice for you boils down to how you vape. For nic salts only, the Caliburn is at the forefront of discussions. Its lack of coil options is a strength because it has such a singular focus. It totally excels at mouth to lung vaping of salt nic. It can certainly handle other vape juices, but its draw is perfect for what it is meant to do.


But if you are looking to vape juices other than nic salts or potent regular ejuice, many of the devices listed above have both high resistance and subohm coil options. They also kick out more power and have larger batteries. The Smok Nord and its relative the Trinity Alpha have a half dozen coils to choose from and the Voopoo Drag Baby Trio, a trio, hence its name. Even the Suorin Air gets in on the game with a pod that includes a pre-installed 0.7ohm coil.