cherries-on-top-blog   There are few things in life I like more than cherries. I used to go to 24 hour diners and order the cherries they put on top of waffles. I’d just have them serve it with coffee and a spoon. Hold the waffles. When I ordered drinks, I had the bartender put in a minimum of five maraschino cherries —the more cherries the better. Needless to say, Vapor4Life’s Black Cherry e liquid had some hard-core standards to live up to when I tried it.   Before I started vaping, I used to smoke full flavor cigarettes —the kind you have to roll by yourself. I never thought I’d switch to vapor cigarettes, let alone start going nuts over fruit flavored e-juice. Once I really started vaping, I started being able to taste more flavors, so now I prefer the fruit-flavored juices. Black Cherry e liquid is good choice for you if you want a fruit e liquid that is strong, but not overpowering. I like to mix it with our Vanilla Custard e juice to give the feeling of biting into a slice of cherry cheesecake. You can also add a few drops to our Rum and Cola e juice (yeah, that’s right, we have rum and cola e juice!) to have a classy “cocktail.” My favorite has to be french vanilla e juice... with cherries on top! Who am I kidding, I’d basically add black cherry e-juice to anything. Get a bottle today at a special SWEET price and let me know your own favorite concoction!