This is a guest post written by Keyzygirl from Key West, Florida. Laid back and vaping in paradise. I have been a loyal Vapor4Life  customer for 3 years this July. It's hard to believe  that I have been smoke free for 3 years. I started smoking when I was 12 years old and smoked for more than 30 years. I honestly never thought I would ever quit. Making the switch to ecigarettes  made it almost effortless. It didn't happen overnight, but it was a quick and painless transition for me. It was easy! When I started with V4L  they were a brand new company, small and very family like. Steve Milin  and his trusty sidekick  Mark practically ran the whole  company themselves. They didn't  have a fancy  shop or all the fancy stuff they have now. It was all just a dream to create the best ecig  available on the market. Something simple to use that anyone could just  pick up  and  vape to make a healthier change in their life. They had quite a bit of passion in that dream and the dream lives on still. In 3 years they have come a long way. They have tested and created many new and outstanding products. The batteries have improved immensely  and they now offer so many different  flavors and strengths  in eliquids  and cartomizers  it's mind-boggling. I'm  amazed with the progress they have made. Just look at the site now, tanks and fat batteries and accessories. It's wonderful to have so many choices. They have come a long way. They now have a big store with a  smokeless lounge where you can go and shop and check out all the merchandise. I have not been there myself but have friends who  have been there  and they told me it is a wonderful shop and the employees  were very friendly and helpful.  I hope to be able to see it for myself sometime. I would love to meet everyone face-to-face and thank them for all they do. As they have grown, they have hired more employees and we get to meet  a few of them online through forums and Facebook, or calling the shop for help and advice. I have enjoyed meeting each new person and feel the passion they have for the product. I imagine that  when they  were hired they  were let in on the  dream to create the perfect product to help people switch over from smoking to  the healthier lifestyle of vaping. Each person seems to totally get it and wants to help make the dream work to its full potential. I like that. So here we are 3 years later, big company, lots of employees and tons of great products  available to us. I'm  amazed at how far V4L  has come in such a short period of time. So many new customers, so many people trying to improve their lives. I hope that it continues to grow and more and more people get on board with vaping. I look forward to see what the next 3 years will bring. I'm  sure V4L will continue to improve and release new and better products as technology allows them to do it. I will be here and waiting for each new release. I cant wait to see what they come up  with next!   We have come a long way baby! What a wonderful ride it has been! Lets keep it rolling strong! VAPE ON! Please join Keyzygirl on ECF and Facebook. Visit her blog at