For years, vapers in Canada faced a challenge whenever they wanted to order vape juice for supplies online, especially if the order contained nicotine. That changed as of May 24 and Vapor4Life has been proudly shipping orders with nicotine to its beloved Canadian customers ever since. According to Canada’s updated customs law, if a vaping product contains fewer than 66 mg/dl of nicotine, it’s ok to be imported for personal use. The main limitation of the law is that shipments must be limited to “reasonable amounts for 90 day supply within a 90 day period.”   That leaves it pretty open-ended for Canadian vapers to pick just about anything they’d like from the extensive e-juice, vape pod, and e-cig selection we carry at Vapor4Life. The highest nicotine levels you’ll find in our products is just under 66 mg/dl, so it’s all fair game!   Whether you’re a Canadian vaper who keeps the nicotine levels low and uses high-VG e-liquid or one who likes vaping with pods and getting that more potent nicotine fix, we will ship your vape order to you. And we’ll do it in record time. Browse our online selection of vape pods and e-juice, then fill your cart up and wait for the magic to arrive at your door.