This is a guest blog post by Morandir. For almost the entire time I've been a V4L customer, Smilin sir has been working on a fixed 5v batt. Today all that work has finally come to fruition. There's been many pitfalls in the journey of the Vapor Zeus, the first working prototypes were made over a year ago. The only problem being that they could never duplicate the success of the original, which lead to another long delay. More prototypes came, and finally after a few tries, the final product. This is the first truly in-house designed mod, though even calling it that is somewhat misleading. It's more of a hybrid design than a true mod so to speak. No need to carry extra lithium cells around like all of the other V4L mods to keep it going, the battery is fixed in the Zeus. This makes it one of the lightest mods on the market. Without further ado lets get into some of the technical aspects and the reason behind it being a 5v fixed device. The Zeus is available in two types and two colors. One type is an auto only model, the other being an auto/manual dual-mode pv. The auto/manual being slightly taller than it's only auto brother. The two colors are black and the cigar pattern from the Vapor Titan line, both having the soft touch finish. The draw on these is, in my opinion, perfect. There is no delayed response of any sort with the draw, and the airflow is very similar to that of the Vapor Titan manuals. There are two ways to charge the Zeus. One is to use the Slim Line Charger, the other being a USB port rated for 500ma. Will segue slightly here for a moment, when the Slim Line was designed the biggest battery V4L carried at the time was 400mah, so the 120ma output made perfect sense. With the addition of the EGOs, DAVs, and now the Zeus the low charging rate translates to a longer charge time. What makes this port important is it also allows the Zeus to be used as a passthrough (PT) and is safe to use on your computer. The reason for this is the power to run it is not coming from the USB source but the battery itself. This also means you can use the dual coil tanks with the Zeus no matter the ohms. The lone caveat to this is if you completely discharge your Zeus you have to let it charge a bit before it can be used as a passthrough. As for the voltage, it's 5v fixed with non-dual coils. The only drop off in this voltage is at the very end of the charge life on the battery, and I do mean the very end. It's one of the most consistent vapes you'll find from any ecig on the market. With dual coils on the 900mah version the 1.5ohm cartos will drop to 4.4v but again will stay consistently at that voltage until the very end of charge.   In other words this is what you want in a vape experience. The big question is why 5v when V4L already sells two other variable voltage mods? The answer to that lies in what a very high majority of people set their voltage to. Most people who use variable voltage set their PV to the 4.8-5.2v range. The Zeus takes the fiddling out of the equation. It's simply attach the carto and vape. It's an all in one PV, both auto and manual if you desire, a passthrough, light weight, and consistent in its output. The last thing that needs to be touched up on is the cartos designed for it. The new Smileomizers are single coil 2.5ohm range vertical cartos that hold 3.5mls. They match up perfectly with the 900mah-sized Zeus. That's not the best aspect of these cartos though, the specially designed drip tip is. It's made of silicon so you can actually chew on it much like an actual cigar. Despite the fact there's no replaceable carto in them, they last longer than any previous carto V4L has sold (as long as you don't dry burn them). I have been able to go through two bottles of New Menthol WOW in a single carto and it's still going strong. So there you have it, after many years of work, money, development, blood, sweat, and tears V4L has released it's best PV to date.