Here are the rest of the entries: spacekitty: "Guy sitting on bench, to squirrel: 'Don't even THINK about going after my Nuts!!'" ( Ann Yarger: "No, I didn't bury your Almond Coconut and you can't have mine!" (

Jessica Everson: "WHY did you come to the park without food?" ( Debbie Guardino: "I TOLD you to get a Dial-A-Volt!" ( Deni Tigner-Anderson: "How many cig butts have YOU ate thinking they were peanuts??" ( Scott Wisdom: "I know you're holding. Stop stalling and give me the bag of nuts!" ( Bill Kallal: "Gimme back by Auto DAV!" ( We'll post a new cartoon next week on our #V4LPIN2WIN board. You can either enter with your caption or just give your favorite a "Like." The winner is chosen by who has the most votes (we're using Pinterest "Likes" as votes). We can't wait to see what you come up with next week!