What's blue, green, pink and chewy? No, not a dog toy....it's our brand new colorful Smileomizers! We first introduced our new cartomizer in black and a cigar color to match the Vapor Zeus. Just last week we got three new colors for this revolutionary ecig battery - magenta, blue and green! Well, as anyone who's met our founder and CEO Steve "Smilin" Milin knows, the ecig device has to match! So how could we not sell matching Smileomizers? For those new to ecigarettes, let me explain. A rechargeable electronic cigarette is made of two pieces - the cartomizer (which has flavored nicotine liquid) and the battery (which heats up the liquid). These two parts screw together to form a device that vaporizes e-juice. The person using the ecig inhales the vapor, similar to smoking a traditional cigarette (but without all the chemicals and carcinogens). Our new Smileomizer is basically a huge cartomizer. It is a cylinder-shaped tube that has white polyfill inside. E-liquid is added to to the polyfill. Our CoolCart and WOW Vapor cartomizers hold 1ml of liquid. The smaller Smileomizers hold 3.5mls, and the larger ones hold 6mls. Small Smileomizers have a shorter diameter than the larger version. The smaller ones fit flush on the 650mAh, 900mAh and 1100mAh Dial-A-Volt batteries, and 650mAh and 900mAh Vapor Zeus batteries. The larger Smileomizers fit perfectly on the 1300mAh Dial-A-Volts and Vapor Zeuses. What are you waiting for? Pick up your NEW Smileomizer today and make yourself smile while you vape!