This is a guest post written by a fire spinner from the Midwest. I recently went on a road trip with a couple of friends.  While on the trip, the conversation turned to vaping, and they wanted to give it a try. I let them try one of my e-cigs.   After a while they get asking for it more and more. I  realized that we didn't need to make stops for them to have an analog break. I was forced to figure out a way to make sure we could all enjoy vaping without taking up most of my battery life. To solve this problem I  set up a passthrough with a cartomizer and three silicone drip tips. I figured this way we could still share the passthrough and each have our own drip tips. I selected the silicone ones because of their ease to pop on and off of a cartomizer.  This also allowed me to keep using my battery and tank set up for my personal use. If you do not have drip tips you can use the clear plastic caps found on the cartomizer.  Just take the one from the mouthpiece side and cut a hole into the flat side of it.  Make sure the hole is equal or larger than the hole in the white cap on the cartomizer.  Then slip the shipping cap on to act as a barrier. My friends and I ended up having a great trip. It was nice not having to take a ton of cigarette breaks either! How do you vape with others?   Connect with Ryan on his Whistles Photography Facebook Page and