Amila blows smoke rings"
So the other day I was working in the marketing office when Kevin from the Smokeless Lounge came in. He asked if I was busy. Now that's a silly question. "What can I do for ya Kevin?" I asked. He said there was a young lady in the Lounge that wanted to be interviewed for our blog. Fantastic! We have one small sign hanging in the Lounge that lets customers know we'd like to feature them on our blog. Every once in a blue moon someone will bite. I went into the Lounge and met Amila. Here's her story. About two years ago, in high school, Amila began smoking because she, like many others, thought it would make her cool. Her friends all became smokers as well. Before long she was up to a pack a day. When she started coughing up blood, she knew it was time to leave the cigarettes behind. All of her friends who were also smokers decided to quit too. Looking for alternatives, Amila found and bought a well-known disposable brand in a convenience store. This introduction to ecigs was disappointing, and didn't allow her to fully make the switch. She soon found Vapor4Life. It was six months ago that Amila began vaping. She didn't completely move from analogs to ecigs at first. She alternated between the two for some time. Today she's happily vaping using the Automatic Dial-A-Volt battery. She likes the variable voltage feature, because some flavors taste better at different voltage levels. Her favorite flavors are strawberry, grape, blueberry, and watermelon. She's even been able to convince her dad to make the switch! He's been using e-cigarettes for three months now. Thanks for sharing your story with us Amila! If you're interested in being interviewed for the blog, please leave a comment here or email us at [email protected] Happy Friday!