Today we're featuring a couple customers who I met in our Northbrook vape shop. Gabby loves coming in frequently to hang out and meet other vapers. She was picking up some vaping juice and brought her friend Jordan to try some flavors. I sat down with them to  hear about their experiences with vaping. The first ecig that Gabby tried was a popular brand from a gas station. She liked vaping but didn't like how long hers lasted. A friend told her about Vapor4Life. She tried our vapes and now loves coming into the lounge as much as she can. Some people completely switch to vaping after trying it once, and never pick up a cigarette again. Other smokers  slowly make the transition and continue to smoke cigarettes most of the time, but use their vaporizer when they're at home, or depending on the situation or their mood. This is called "dual use." Gabby continued to smoke for a while when she was making the transition. And that worked for her. Now she exclusively vapes. Gabby started out using tobacco flavors and then went to fruits. Her favorite flavor is Green Apple. She wants to eventually cut down the amount of nicotine she uses. Right now she uses 36mg or 18mg depending on the flavor. She said once she gets to zero, she'll probably keep vaping because she likes the hand to mouth motion. Jordan learned about electronic cigarettes from Gabby and instantly loved vaping. He also uses 18 or 36mg depending on the flavor. He's mainly into menthols and his favorite juice is Wintergreen. They both vape a Vapor Zeus ecig battery, and used tanks but have moved on to Smileomizers because they think they're easier to fill. Props to Jordan and Gabby for vaping for 4 years now! I'd love to hear YOUR vaping story. Email me at [email protected] and we may feature you on our blog!