Our customer spotlight today is on Stafford, born and raised in Winnetka who now lives in Northfield. He came into the Lounge to get some more Turtle juice. I sat down with him for a few minutes to talk about his experience with ecigs and Vapor4Life. When he was a smoker, Stafford smoked 1 to 1 1/2 packs every day. He first became involved with ecigs when he purchased a starter kit from a convenience store. He actually started smoking more cigarettes because of it. Not good. He then moved on to an EGO. Since he's a techy guy, he enjoyed the technical aspects of ecigarettes, which was fun for him. The first time Stafford saw the Vapor Zeus was when his longtime friend was vaping it. He was using the Vapor Zeus as a passthrough while working on his computer. One day while at a Thornton's store he saw a hipster-looking dude pull out a fat ecig and start vaping. He started talking to him and found out the guy actually works at the company that makes them. Chris told him about the Northbrook-based brick and mortar Vapor4Life shop. Stafford went to the Lounge to buy some e-liquid for his EGO. He started talking with a rabbi who was using a Dial-A-Volt, and another guy who was vaping a mod. He began learning about ecigs from talking with them and doing his own online research. After getting on our email list and seeing coupons for the Vapor Zeus, he decided  "if I'm gonna win races, I need a Ferrari." He decided to hunker down the dough for a Zeus. He's been using the black Dual Mode Vapor Zeus for three weeks now. While at Riot Fest Stafford realized this device had set him over the edge. This thing would work. Walking through a crowd of smokers, he did not feel the need to bum a smoke. He has tons of reasons for loving ecigs. He likes his car and fingers not smelling like smoke. He thinks Vapor4Life products are #1. He loves that the Vapor Zeus battery lasts a long time. He's proud to own it and proud to show it off. He said that he feels comfortable sending people our way because he knows we stand behind our products. Being in the Lounge is a real experience, "it's that Apple experience." Stafford doesn't vape as a hobby. When he smoked it wasn't a hobby. This is just a convenient alternative. Stafford is currently vaping his own mixture of Turtle, Strawberry, and Peppermint. Inquiring minds want to know, do you have the Vapor Zeus? Why did you decide to get it? Tell us in the comments below.