This is a guest post written by Keelalagirl, who's vapin' happy hangin' with her doggie pack in Ohio. Second-hand Smoke When I was a smoker, nothing drove me up the wall more than someone blowing smoke in my face. I found it rather rude to say the least. Though I was a smoker myself, second-hand smoke irritated me €¦.my eyes would burn and water, my nose would get irritated, and I'd cough and cough. I can only imagine how offensive it was for non-smokers. Common Courtesy Even before all the "rules and regulations" came into play for the smokers, I was ALWAYS very conscientious about who was around and where I was. Outside of a store, I would never stand by the entrance and when I would see someone approaching with a young child, I would always move as far out-of-the-way as I could. I felt it was just common courtesy (though many others had no such regard). Overly Confident?
  I am a vaper now and so very proud of it; however, the same common courtesy comes into play. I have read a few stories from other vapers where they have placed themselves into what I consider very discourteous behavior, such as continuing to vape in a restaurant when asked by other patrons not to, or sitting in the stands at a ballgame vaping away and commenting to others "it's not smoking, so I'm not breaking any rules." Though we are confident that our new hobby is far safer than smoking cigarettes, there are many who are not in the same boat as we are. There are also those that still are not even familiar with e-cigs. Education  is Necessary for Acceptance The discourteous smokers made it very easy to pass laws restricting where one can smoke all across our country. Not many people want to walk through a cloud of smoke to get into a store or get to their table at a restaurant. I can't say I blame them. With the stories I have seen, I fear that we vapers are traveling the same path. We cannot FORCE acceptance. Where there is force, there is always a strong resistance. I feel if we wish to be viewed differently than smokers, we need to act differently. Show common courtesy and educate as nicely and as often as we can. Let us always give a "hoot and not pollute" the minds of those that do not know of, or understand ecigs and what they actually are. Connect with Keelalagirl on ECF or Facebook.