What's a vaperversary? A vaperversary is the anniversary of the date that someone switched over from smoking and became a vaper. People celebrate their first year, month, and even week that they've been vaping. The beginning is always the hardest part. Once a habit has developed, keeping it up becomes less and less difficult. It's an exciting time, and people should be proud of the date that they committed fully to being smoke free. Here are a few stories from our V4L family's experience with their own vaperversary:
  • Howdy, by Clover -  Heidi has been vaping for over two years now. Her story begins here.
  • Victory 4 Life Vaperversary  by bjfgator - "Vapanese" (the lingo of vaping) is difficult to understand in the beginning, but Beth shares how the caring folks on the forums helped her out.
  • Fitness Diary Part 2, by ChimChim - This is Michelle's story about vaping and completing her first 5K fundraiser.
  • My One Year Vaperversary, by Morandir - Our ecig expert writes about his first ecig experience at a mall kiosk, and how Ms. Keyzy, Ms. Mary Kay, and SnowDragon from Vapor4Life's subforum on ECF really helped him to make the switch.
  • My Vaping adVenture!, by Via - Our guest blogger Via wrote this article on her two month vaperversary. She explains how her son introduced her to e-cigarettes and the reason she wanted to switch over.
When is your vaperversary? How have you celebrated in the past or plan on celebrating in the future?